I bought this based on a recommendation that the Muse had made in one of her posts and  color me impressed , because these wipes remove all traces of makeup in one fell “swipe”!  


They are definitely not drying  but they are not moisturizing either. My skin felt clean and refreshed , dare I say relaxed after I used these :)


They are safe to use for contact lens wearers so that’s a plus. I used mine with my lenses still in and these didn’t sting my eyes one bit! They are a bit bitter if  you lick your lips by accident after, but hey didn’t your mother tell you never to eat makeup remover!

Heres my tired face at the end of a long work day but with my makeup still (mostly) intact:


Here’s my left side (your left side i.e) after one swipe with these wipes and twice under my eyes.


And for effect let’s take a look at the dirty wipe:))


To me,they have a pleasant scent but if you are allergic to scented products you will want to pass on this one.  The package like most drugstore wipes isn’t something I love becuase they tend to dry out much faster, but it seems to seal back up nicely. I could skip using any kind of cleanser after these wipes but my force of habit I follow up with my beloved La Roche Posay foaming cleanser.

At a drugstore price, but practically high end quality, this one’s a DEElight-120x54_1 !