Sigh…where to begin with this one! From the ridiculously bad pigmentation to the awful staying power to the tip that can’t really be controlled this one was a BIG fail in my opinion! Bought on a whim , I should have probably read someone else’s reviews first 😉 This pen comes in different colors and I settled for the “pearly white” because I thought it would be an easy way to do a French tip. Boy was I wrong !


Of course everything in Canada is in French too:


I was disappointed right off the bat soon as I tried it on because it (almost) looks like something a Silver Sharpie can do :



And then…it stayed on for about three hours before it disappeared completely! The tip is pretty fat too so don’t expect to be able to do any delicate designs with this one.


[usrlist Pigmentation:1 “staying_power:1″ true_to_color:1 avg=”true” ]


Its too late for me, but save yourselves ( some money & trouble) and avoid this one.