This is one of the things from my mini makeup haul from Sephora that I had “instagrammed” about last week. I know that Kat Von D products are known for their pigmentation and staying power. Available in 4 shades, I picked it up in Love Letter ( a funky shade of ruddy purple). Something about the fact that it was supposed to be multi dimensional and “activated by water” had me intrigued.

Although the two share no similarity in packaging, the “shade shifter” part of this reminded me of the Eye Shimmer shadows by Body Shop that can be used to create fun effects over darker eye shadows.



The Pacakaging

The Pacakaging – standard, no-nonsense Kat Von D style packaging


The shade itself  is gorgeous, but I expected something magical to happen when used wet or over a darker color, and no such thing happened.

Bottom Row: Swatches wet, dry  Top Row: Swatched over a dark grey shadow ( top row)

Bottom Row: Swatches wet, dry
Top Row: Swatched over a dark grey shadow ( top row)

When swatched over a darker shadow it did change the color, but I wouldn’t call it an overly dramatic change. The intensity can be built up nicely but I prefer to apply with a light hand and that’s how I’ve used it in the pictures below. The sponge applicator that comes with it is a tad better than the usual sponge applicators that come with some eyeshadows but honestly she needn’t have bothered. No one uses those applicators  – I honestly don’t know why they feel they have to include them.

Anyway, here’s the look using the shadow. I used it wet along with a baked eyeshadow from the ELF NYC baked eyeshadow palette. There is really not much of a difference in intensity used wet or dry, but the multi dimensional effect is more obvious when used wet.


The finished  look:




[usrlist Pigmentation:3 “staying_power:5” “blendability:4″ true_to_color:3 avg=”true” ]


Neither  a DEElight nor a DEEtest, this was just a bit MEH overall. It’s a pretty shade but that’s about it – don’t feel too bad about passing this one up.