Yoda said it best, and no wonder he was so fit!

So now that you’re mentally prepared  to start on your healthy living journey, what’s next? Well starting the journey of course, silly! :) We usually make plans to eat healthy, to exercise, to drink more water, to set a routine etc but most of the time we TRY to get started, and then somehow… WE DON’T !

Healthy lifestyle habits are like any other habits – they take time to form , and they have to be repeated often and on a regular basis, to take root. If you “try” to go to the gym thrice a week for example, you’ll probably end up going once a week (or not at all sometimes). If you “try” to eat healthy it may mean that you will attempt to eat clean but if it doesn’t happen, so be it. So you clearly *want* to make the change, but because it’s not part of your routine( not a habit) it’s hard to get those results you want!

Everyone is different but in general if you don’t have any set exercise/ healthy eating plans you need to give yourself anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months to get into a routine. In this time period however, you need to tell yourself  that you will stick to your planned routines as best you can.  There will obviously always be somethings that are beyond our control, but minus those, you must stick to routine. 

Here are some of my tips to make it slightly easier to stick to the routine:

  • Choose a time of year that works for you -Don’t start a new routine when you already have other stressful things going on in your life and that are taking up all your time and energy.
  • Baby steps  This one warrants a post of its own, but basically don’t go from 0 to 60 in one day. Ease into the routine .
  • Avoid temptation  during this time ( as much as you can) – Try to avoid ice cream sundae brunches and weekends overloaded with Daquiris :) . Also if you think you’re going to eat the entire loaf of banana bread or what have you  in one sitting, just don’t buy it. You can’t eat what’s not there!  You’ll find yourself going one step forward and two steps back.
  • Feel free to say NO to enablers/friends :) This doesn’t translate to being rude. It just means you’re in a different frame of mind, and that will be respected.
  • Be *conscious* of your routine  – remind yourself at the start of the day every day for that period of time that  you have goals to reach, and  that things will be so much easier once you get into the routine!
  • Be prepared  – again this will be another post, but this is of utmost important to your healthy eating. If you don’t have healthy food prepared and ready to go, you are that much more likely to eat the first things that’s available, and that’s likely to be fast (and not so healthy) food!
  • Buddy up –  misery loves company . ha! No seriously it helps to have a friend or sibling or spouse that you can go on this journey and
  • Always ALWAYS keep the source  of your inspiration close at hand. Whether its a picture of you from a time that you were proud of or someone who you admire, always keep that handy to inspire yourself andp ush through plateaus.

                            Now GO DO!