What is it?

Well L’oreal claims that it is  “Sun protection in ultra-light texture designed for face, with tint to even skin tone. This product is oil-free, non-greasy, water resistance and won’t clog pores. It’s lightweight texture and matte finish make it ideal for everyday use.”

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 What did I think?

Before I tried it, I assumed that would be a slight less thick BB cream that would leave a greyish cast on me. Hey  – isn’t that most north american BB creams ?( except you MAC) But AFTER I tried it  , I’ve gotta say   – for once, a product is EXACTLY what it claims to be. Ummm..ALMOST. I have my suspicions about the non pore-clogging bit. But by golly everything else is absolutely true!


$17.99 CAN ( I got it on sale for 12.99 at my local Pharmaprix)


With the bright yellow and teal, it reminds me of sun, sand..summer.  But the packaging is practical too – only dispenses small amounts (long as you don’t press too hard) and it definitely doesn’t leak!




It feels like a very thin, very runny tinted sunscreen. It’s kind of of like Mac Face and Body, but even runnier. I would say it feels eerily similar in texture to this LaRoche Posay sunscreen that I adore in the summertime, except that is still thinner and tinted .  It feels a bit oily (can pass for silky) when it first goes on but then settles  very quickly to a very matte, dry feeling. Not uncomfortably dry but I need a good moisturiser underneath.  L’oreal must have spent some time coming up with the name for this because I actually think that describes the texture perfectly  -this is  a silky sheer BB lotion!

Now I used it for two days in a row and on the 2nd day I had a tiny blemish show up that evening. But it could have been other factors as well (was also testing out a hair removal cream around the same time) so I won’t knock any points off this one yet!


It doesn’t claim to be highly pigmented. It claims to even out skin tone, and it did do that for me. If you have skin concerns like blemishes, acne what have you, you would need a concealer or foundation to go on top of this. If however you want a quick evening (as in non-patchy  –  not a soiree:)) of skin tone this will absolutely do the trick. I had just this on as my base ( no foundation or concealer on top) in this review of the Quo pallete.


50. Now that’s great!  SPF is SO important  – no matter where you live and no matter how cloudy or sunny it is.  the minimum you should consider is SPF 30.Seriously – sun spots are so hard to get rid of and skin cancer, even harder ..no joke. 😐

Staying Power

I felt like it lasted a good 8 hours on me.  It’s a bit hard to time this because the product is near invisible. However , I could tell that my skin tone was pretty even and it still had that matte feeling to it – that’s what I based my review on.


[usrlist SPF:5 “texture:4″ staying_power:4 avg=”true” ]


I would use this more for its texture and SPF than anything else. It’s pretty hard to find such high SPF with such a great consistency at such a great price! Becuase its on the drier side, this is more of a summer product in my opinion.

Nevertheless, it’s   aDrugstore DEElight!