While I haven’t tried many products from BHCosmetics, I *have* tried their Pop Art Brushes and I LOVE them.  Not only are they super cute, they are also super soft , easy to use and have a cute hard case to store them away in if needed. I love the 60’s  – the makeup (minus the Twiggy lashes), the clothes, the music .. and these brushes are SO.. Andy Warhol! These were out of stock for the longest time,but now are in back in stock and 50% off!

These are mine that I bought a couple of months ago when they first came out:



I use the case that it comes in as two separate parts, storing a number of brushes in each of the parts:


I have brushes from MAC, Urban Decay, the Sephora Pro brushes, Shiseido – THe BHCosmetics brushes are really not that different people! These brushes also wash really well and I’ve had no issues with them in the few months that I’ve owned them for.


They are a steal at full price and they are a DEElightful steal at 50% off.  Love pop art? Go buy!