This is a rather late review, considering it’s from my mini-Sephora haul from  many weeks ago,but better late than never , right? It’s from Sephora’s Spring 2014 collection and looked quite promising. I’m forever on the hunt for a longwear lipstick that wont’ dry my lips out further!



$17.00 CAN



Looks like an opaque black test tube with the name of the shade mentioned on the lid. I bought it in the shade Coral Extract



It has a doe foot applicator that I like.



When I swatched the colour on my hand at the store it looked kind of coral , but I guess I should have taken another look at it a few minutes later. Turns out it transforms into a very uncoral like pinkish magenta shade after a while(on me anyway).



Now the texture is where this one shines. It is definitely long wear (lasted all day on me through food, drink etc.) but did not feel tight or dry on my lips at any point! I really did  enjoy the texture of this one. However I wouldn’t call it an ink. It’s more like a stain  – feels like the Maybelline long wear glosses from sometime ago , if you remember those. Except this one feels almost hydrating and really has no weight to it whatsoever. I guess Sephora is right in describing it as a zero-texture gloss. Odd but true!

Staying Power

Lasted all day on me ( 8+ hours @ work) with no issues.


[usrlist Packaging:3 “Pigmentation:2″ Texture:4 Lasting_power:4 avg=”true”]



I would have probably loved it if it had actually stayed coral. I don’t like how the colour completely changed on me once worn for a bit. This was similar to my experience with the L’Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Wet Shine Stain glosses  ( turned into the same weird shade of pink on me).  @ 17$ CAN, I say you can pass on this one unless you like the colour that it turns into.