It actually saddens me to have to give this cleanser such a bad rating. I have a couple of products from the Reversa anti-aging UV line, that I absolutely LOVE (their eye cream especially is worthy of mention!) – so I was really surprised when this cleanser turned out to be…well, just awful!


22$ CAD for  200 ml  of product



It comes in a standard pump-type dispenser which dispenses just the right amount (for me). No issues here.




Things start getting a little weird right about here! It looks rather pretty with its little glittery bits and bobs, but it actually feels greasy/slimy  to the touch. Almost like a silicone based hair serum! Then things go downhill from there – it almost doesn’t lather at all  – which I can live with if its soap-free and yet cleanses . However this doesn’t cleanse!!  Not only does it FEEL like it doesnt cleanse, it just doesn’t cleanse at all. Even on a super light makeup day, it barely took any of it off.

It’s great that its paraben-free, oil-free, fragrance-free and has a whole bunch of good things about it (see below – balanced pH, hyaluronic acid etc).  I thought oh ok maybe it’s good for really mature skin, but it’s marketed as a cleanser, and it completely fails to be that (and that should apply for ANY type of skin – young /mature).


I got this free with a kit so I’ve been using it in the mornings when my face is pretty clean already , so I don’t feel guilty about just tossing this one out. Also, on the bright side it hasn’t caused any breakouts – but that’s probably because I don’t use it at night.


[usrlist Texture:2 “cleansing_power:1″ good-4-u-ingredients:3 avg=”true” ]




This was an end-to-end DEEtest for me. Save yourself 20$  – buy  this LaRochePosay cleanser instead (it’s been amazing for my skin!).


What’s your favorite cleanser of the moment?