As far as drugstore products go , I generally have fairly good luck with Maybelline.   Happy to report that my luck continued with this one!


$10.99 CAN ( was on sale for $8.99)



It looks like a shorter, wider version of the color sensational gloss ( which I really enjoyed btw and is now on sale all over the place probably because it’s going to be taken off the shelves soon),but the mould is curved at the bottom to seem like the tip of a lipstick. This shape isn’t really the best idea in my opinion because it wastes material at the bottom AND could have you mistake it for a lipstick if you look at it in a hurry!


The shape of the wand makes it a breeze to apply this evenly. I really do enjoy this shape of applicator.



If your lips are not very pigmented to start with this is probably going to look like a dark nudey peach on you. On me, it looks like a lighter nude shade of gloss. It’s definiltey more pigmented than I thought it would be, but not as pigmented as the color sensational line. I like it because it  tones the pigmentation down a bit on my lips and looks very soft and pretty from a distance.



Smooth, soft, SO comfortable. It does actually feel like a thicker liquid balm with a lot of slip to it ( but not so much that it goes outside your lip lines at the drop of a hat).  It’s very comparable to the L’Oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire gloss that I had reviewed a while back , except that this one feels even more emollient and comfortable. My dry lips LOVED it.

Staying Power

It’s too moisturizing to last a long time. It lasted around 2 hours on me before I felt it fade, but it’s a very easy shade to reapply without a mirror.


[usrlist Packaging:4 “Pigmentation:4″ Texture:5 Lasting_power:2 avg=”true”]



Really enjoyed this one. If your lips are on the drier side or you just love a moisturizing, but pigmented gloss you will  enjoy this too!