I have a few goodies by Sonia Kashuk that I enjoy ( like her Shine Luxe Lip Color Undetectable Creme Bronzer, the dramatically defining long wear gel liner and the Hidden Treasure brush set from a while ago).   More recently, Target decided to open up a branch right by where I live, and I decided to try some of her eye quads as well. One of them is a very neutral quad called Fair and Square, which is the one I’m reviewing here.


$13.99 CAN


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It is a very basic matte black plastic case with the shadows clearly visible through the transparent cover on top. You get 5.2 grams of shadow per quad ( around 1.3g per shade which is a little less than a MAC eyeshadow @ around 1.5g), but still a very decent amount. This will take me a while to get through.


These shadows definitely need a primer underneath. They are on the sheerer side but will do the trick for a very natural , muted look suited for a more formal office job ( no – not boring, just muted :) ). I expected much more from the glittery shade but sadly this was a fail. The rest of the shades looked pink on me for some reason when worn! They definitely did not look the same way as they appeared in the quad.


It has an interesting mix of textures   – a matte finish , two satin finishes and one very shimmery shade that almost seems to flake into pieces of mica upon application. I didn’t actually like the flaking aspect of it! It lends a certain something to the look if really packed on, but it does not apply the way you’d think it would by looking at it in the pan.


The Look

I did not bother using the glittery shade in this look because it just looked worn out upon application.


(opens to larger image)

You can see the nuances of the colours a little better here:

(opens to larger image)

(opens to larger image)


I think its pretty obvious that the colours look nothing like they do in the pans, and this is on top of  soft ochre paint pot,which pretty much neutralizes the natural colour of my lids.



[usrlist Pigmentation:3 “staying_power:3” “blendability:3″ true_to_color:2 avg=”true” ]



Such a low score would normally cause me to rate a product as a DEEtest, but this is a pretty quad, and you can achieve a soft and natural look so I have taken that into consideration. However, the colours are not really unique once applied and I had to work harder to get the colours to show up as well. I’ll probably use it but not as often as I’d hoped.