I LOVE chubby lip pencils! They are so convenient,and just so darn cute! Rimmel seems to be one of the last of the drugstore brands to hop on this bandwagon. I’m reviewing the shades Not An Illusion (700) and  Viva Violet (300)  in this post.


$7.99 CAD ( I got mine for 5.99$ on sale)



Very similar to all other chubby lip pencils that are currently taking the makeup market by storm. Just looks like a big fat crayon. I personally like this style and actually wish all lipsticks came in this form!




Shade: Not an Illusion

These pencils are very pigmented and do not need to be layered to get an opaque finish. 


Shade: Viva Violet

Also, they look identical to the way they swatch, which is always nice!




They look wet upon application (kind of like the  Hard Candy Visibly Wet Shockingly Glossly Lip Pencils  and also the Sephora Glossy Lip Pencils) , but dry down to a matte stain. They are pretty moisturizing as far as lip pencils go and even when they dry down, they do not dry OUT my lips. Not an illusion is a very pretty nude and viva violet is a bright, happy pink (not violet at all in my opinion, but very pretty nonetheless:) ).

Lasting power

Their mileage seems to vary between shades. Not an Illusion lasted around 4 hours on me, fading into non-existence after that. However Viva Violet was going strong even at hour 8, fading slowly into a lighter shade of pink, like a stain.



[usrlist Packaging:4 “Pigmentation:5″ Texture:4 Lasting_power:4 avg=”true”]



Yep you guessed right! These are probably my favourite chubby lip pencils to date, and for the price they are really hard to beat!