I used to stay away from Marcelle’s products for the face because in general they seemed to cater to very light – light-medium skin tones. Thankfully this didn’t apply  to their BB creams ( or CC creams or..even DD Creams ) which is fortuitous because  I love this BB cream! I also have their Golden Glow BB cream which I enjoy even more, because the undertones are more yellow.  Using MAC foundation shades as a reference, this one in the review below will suit anyone  who falls within an NC 25  – NC 40  range. Yes, it’s that versatile! This comes in the Light-Medium shade as well.


$28.95 CAN ( I  got it on sale for 22.95 at my local Shoppers Drug Mart a while back)



It comes in an opaque white tube with a pump. This dispenses just the right amount and I’ve never had issues with it getting clogged. However, I dislike pump packaging in general because it is not easy to travel with . That’s just me though! No fault of Marcelle’s!




I would call this very pigmented for a north american BB  cream. If you’re used to Korean/Asian BB creams however, this is like a thicker tinted moisturizer. I personally prefer this level of pigmentation because it can be built up as needed. I bought it in the shade Medium-Dark and it blends like a dream. I use that size shown in the pic above for my whole face and I can probably even do with using less.

Here you can see how it conceals some blemishes that I had with just one very light dab ( the blemishes were more prominent in person, I swear!)



It feels incredibly smooth and moisturizing. It feels like a thicker tinted moisturizer, but covers like a foundation.  I thought that the non anti-aging version of this BB cream was just not AS moisturizing as this one,  but other than that they are very similar in texture. I cannot speak to the anti-aging aspect of this product as I am not using it with that in mind . However, in looking at the ingredients list, nothing stands out to me as particularly “anti-aging”. It’s very moisturizing though (*not* oily/greasy) , so that’s always good.


It comes with an SPF of 20 , which is pretty good, but  unless you cake this on you’re not going to get any protection from it. It also doesn’t mention if its UVA/UVB etc. So I would recommend wearing your regular sunscreen under this one anyway.

Staying Power

I’ve had this stay 12+ hours with no issues. It’s lasted through gym sessions of mine as well. However it removes very easily, and I love this quality! Don’t you just hate trying to fight to get your makeup off or having it look cakey at the end of a long day? None of that nonsense with this BB cream.


It applies like a tinted moisturizer. This means you can dot it on with your fingers, blend ever so lightly and you’re done. Easiest thing to do if you’re in a hurry and still want to look put together.




[usrlist Packaging:4 “Pigmentation:4″ Texture:5 Lasting_power:5 SPF:4 avg=”true”]



If you like your skin to breathe, not have your makeup LOOK like makeup and have glowy, MSBB ( can I start this  – My Skin But Better?) skin, this is  a great find! If you don’t live in Canada you can still buy it via  eBay or even marcelle.com


What are your thoughts on BB creams? If you’ve tried this one let us know how you liked/disliked it!