Don’t count calories, just eat healthy 

That slogan is becoming more common than ever these days, and from my experience so far I have to agree! It’s always a good idea to know  in approximate terms how many calories your body needs in a day, and what the values are on food labels, but counting calories in my opinion is  usually  because a. you are tempted to cheat  on your diet/healthy eating (eg. you want to know JUST how many calories that piece of fudge has so that you can eat it and still be within your  “limits” ) or 2. you think counting calories will give you guaranteed results.  Either way, from what I have learnt so far this may be a needlessly time consuming and stressful exercise that can be avoided altogether if you are just trying to eat healthy and be fit.


If you are thinking twice about eating that cake or whatever cheat you have in mind, you already know you probably shouldn’t be eating it – you don’t have to check calorific values to confirm that :)  And if you already have a healthy meal plan to follow, you can just follow that and along with regular exercise you are already guaranteed to be on the right path.  Besides, there are too many factors other than plain calories that are indicators of how good/bad something is for you ( the good fats, the bad fats, the carb content,the protein content, the sugars and so on) – counting calories alone is not an accurate representation of the nutritional profile of food.

So is it always completely useless?

No – sometimes it makes sense to know how many calories are in the foods that you are eating – this way you can make more informed decisions when choosing between options. For eg. you’re at the grocery store deciding between some treats for the weekend  ( because you’ve been SO GOOD all week 😉 you may want to consider the 100 calorie a piece banana bread rather than the 300 calories a piece chocolate cake with icing.  Or if you’re deciding between a Frapuccino and a Skinny Mocha Latte at Starbucks you probably know which one you should choose :) (hint: pick the skinny latte) . When in doubt, I refer to myfitnesspal or caloriecount.


The gist of it

Eat healthy and don’t worry about counting calories on a daily basis. Eat unprocessed foods as much as possible –  balanced in nutrients ( carbohydrates, fats and protein) eat these clean meals at regular intervals, drink at least  12 glasses of water (I really don’t think 8 glasses does much for anyone) , and enjoy life  (  a cheat meal once in a while is not going to kill you its actually good for you, don’t be too hard on yourself))! :)