From Tom Ford’s Private Blend range,  I think I first heard about Oud Wood on Temptalia sometime last year, and was fascinated by the description of the scent. HOW in the world could a scent be in THAT complex , I thought!  Unrelated to this , I happened to get quite a few samples of some of the other Tom Ford fragrances around that time  – Jasmine Rouge and Lavender Palm  were my favourites then. Their scent lasted all day,night and then into the next day and were yet so sophisticated and NOT at all overpowering. Hmmm…

It was after those samples that I recommended Oud Wood to my husband late last year, and a few whiffs later, he liked it too and ended up buying  it! If you’re wondering what the “oud” in “Oud wood” is,  I recommend giving this a read. Tom Ford himself comes from an architecture background and has even dabbled in film-making! Who knew! Anything Tom Ford screams luxury to me, and this one is no different …


$225 CAN for 50ml



We bought it in the 250 ml size  which comes in a large decanter with a smaller atomizer type 50 ml container that you can siphon it into .



There were no issues in transferring it into the atomizer and the larger container looks very charming and “old-school elegant” in my opinion!This is what the 50 ml container looks like:


Description of the fragrance

Wow..this IS a very complex scent indeed. Everyone perceives a scent differently, but I think almost everyone associates a smell with a memory of a person/place. To me, this starts off smelling like tobacco and vanilla. Its a very crisp, spicy scent. Its a dark, mysterious  and for lack of a better word, sensuous scent.

Every fragrance that I’ve smelled evokes memories or thoughts of SOMETHING the first time I smell it. With this one, I sometimes think of a beautiful villa in Tuscany, sometimes an opulent reading room with high ceilings, beautiful leather bound books and expensive cigars.Reminds me of a very handsome man in a tux standing in the doorway of a beautiful yacht ….


At other times it reminds me of a cozy cabin with a fireplace and hot chocolate :) It also reminds me  of a long trail or path in the woods  – it has that earthy feel to it. If you’ve smelt sandalwood, it also has some notes that smell like that ( maybe its the Oud!!). Hey I *told* you it’s a very complex scent:)

Staying power

This wears very close to the skin. It’s not a light,airy fragrance and it wears pretty much till you wash it off!



Its pretty obvious that this is a DEElight to me.  This is not a watery, modern scent by any means. To me, it feels rather retro, and I love that.

It is a very sophisticated scent, and I’m glad it is too, because at the very hefty price tag ( approx 700$ CAN) for the 250 ml size of this, it would have been rather sad if it smelled any other way!!  A nice side effect to that purchase is that I now have rather generous sample sizes of pretty much every other Tom Fragrance out there, and I enjoy most of them :)!