I bought this sometime last year at The Bay here in downtown Montreal. Having heard so much about it , I wanted to see if it lived up to all that hype. (And boy did it ever!).

I’m weird in that I tend to “nurse my makeup” a bit when I love it (and it has nothing to do with  the price of the item)! So this only comes out for special occasions or when I really feel like it, because …(are you ready?)…I somehow feel like it makes skin look way TOO good for daily  use.  Yes I realise this makes no sense, but there you have it!


$66.00 CAN


Comes in a pretty glass bottle that looks like so:


Nothing fantastic, but the cap has the Guerlain logo that takes it up a notch.


The pump dispenses just the right amount and is very easy to control.


I’m yet to try a foundation that feels as moisturizing, silky, velvety or luxurious as this one. I want to use the word “cashmere” to describe it – just feel  so soft and cushy. I want to say the Bobbi brown moisture rich foundation  felt a tad like this, but doesn’t really hold a candle to this one in my opinion! This is a slightly thicker, creamier foundation. It  has an SPF of 25 which is pretty darn good for a foundation like this and yet I don’t see any white cast in photographs!To be fair, I haven’t tried it in flash photography yet but I’m pretty sure I would still love it. Another bonus with this is how my skin feels AFTER I take it off – REALLY moisturized and comfortable!


I bought it in the shade Medium Beige 04 which  swatched darker than I’d expected, but looked perfect once it was on my face! It doesn’t have very yellow undertones but somehow just melts into my skin. Here’s a super close up shot of my skin –  I normally have a few visible pores on my cheeks and around my nose..this pretty much cancels them out:


From a distance, just looks like perfectly radiant, glowing skin. They definitely got the “lumiere” bit of the name down !


Staying power

I don’t think Guerlain makes any claims about the lasting power of this one, but I say they should because this last and lasts (gives Duracell a run for it’s money). Keeps me looking as fresh at the end of a 12 hour day as I did when I started out – yes it really is that long lasting. My MAC Pro Longwear foundation also lasts a long time, but it doesn’t stay  looking as smooth or dewy fresh as this one – it does dry me out at the end of the day.


[usrlist Packaging:4 “Pigmentation:5″ Texture:5 Lasting_power:5 SPF:5 avg=”true”]



This is probably one of my biggest DEELights in recent times. Can’t remember the last time I’ve enjoyed a foundation so much. It truly lived up to my expectations and is well worth it’s price. Highly recommend giving this one a try if you can!