What is it?

It can be used before your makeup to prime, or after to refresh. If you’re wondering whether this a good replacement for the  Mally Poreless Defender,    – while I haven’t tried Mally’s product myself, from all the research that I did on it,  I definitely don’t think it is. ItsJudyTime has a good comparison between the two if you’re looking for an in-depth comparison. CoverGirl also has the Sunkisser ( (shimmery bronze and Luminizer( shimmery gold )  balms in this series, but I wont be trying anything else Cover Girl for a while!


$11.99 CAN ( was on sale for $8.99 when I bought it to try )



It looks pretty  blasé  to me.  The only reason I bought it is because I thought it may  be a potential dupe for the Poreless Defender by MallyBeauty which I didn’t want to buy before trying another solid primer.



It feels waxy and smooth – like a solid primer.  Feels a bit greasy to touch but makes skin look very matte and poreless, once applied.

My hands were having an unusually dry day and served well to show the before and after :


(opens to larger size)

You can see that the rather  deep dehydration lines (shame on me)  look pretty smoothed out in the After picture. However I did not enjoy the texture on my face. It felt like I HAD something on..a feeling that I DEEtest!

Staying power

I’m not a big fan of primers to start with but I did test this out as a primer and it didn’t work well. Makeup felt cakey going on and just didn’t feel right. It works so-so to refresh makeup, as long as you don’t SWIPE. Dab on with a sponge and it looks fine. Swipe and it just makes a mess. It mattifies for around 3-hours , so no better(maybe even worse) than your average setting powder. If your skin type is combination-oily you will hate this, it really doesn’t do much to control oil.


[usrlist Packaging:3 Texture:2 Lasting_power:3 avg=”true”]



I’m almost bordering on DEEtest for this one, but because it does give that poreless look for a few hours, it managed to cross that line.