I’ve always loved comics/comic strips. My favourites being Calvin&Hobbes , Mutts , Peanuts and Garfield. As you may know, I work in IT, and while I don’t personally create comics, I’ve enjoyed sketching in the past (even if I was very messy :)) )…



(Yep that’s a scan of something I drew ten ..maybe twelve years ago! I found a few more ancient ones that I’ve uploaded here )

I however can’t draw from imagination and that’s something that I greatly admire in people who can.

I have a very talented colleague who has an equally talented wife and I want to give a big shout out to her comic strip at http://www.kiragary.com . The comicstrip is pretty awesome on it’s own , but it’s doubly awesome if you actually know the characters that it’s based on, and triply awesome if you live in Canada! Enjoy!