Inglot is known for making really good matte eyshadows and pigmented blushes.  I caved and bought the Freedom system  system yesterday and I’m very glad that I did!

What is it?

The Freedom system is Inglot’s fancy name for refillable palette. It’s a magnetic palette that can hold 3 eyeshadows and a blush. (They also come in smaller sizes, but this is the size I picked.)


$49 ( CAD) – this includes the palette and the refills



(Click to enlarge)

The palette is very sturdy . I had no issues getting the refills in and once in, they stayed put. The four corners have little magents on them for the cover to swivel open/close.  One thing that annoys me is that they have this rather complex numbering system for their colours so there’s no way I can remember what they are. I’ll put their numbers up for reference in the next section.


The pigmentation on these is GREAT! I’ve bought their lipglosses before and love them but I think I understand why everyone raves about their matte eyeshadows. They are really good.

This is the blush ( its the shade #45):


I had bought Peaches by Mac about a year ago, hoping it would be like this, but it wasn’t. This one turned out to be exactly what I was looking for!

The shadows that I bought with the palette ( you can see what I mean by the annoying numbering of the shades instead of names):


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And then  I also bought another one separately because I realised I’ve NEVER tried yellow eyeshadow! It reminded me of something that I read 2 days ago:



and granted it has NOTHING  to do with eyeshadow but I thought it might be fun to try something new:) So…


The singles are 8$ for the single or 15$ if you want the little case for it.  2 of the  browns in the palette remind me of Mac’s Kid & Charcoal brown

Pigmentation wise all of these apply exactly as they look in the pans, which I love!  I normally wouldn’t wear such a colourful eye but I felt like demoing what they’re “capable of”! ( I’m also wearing the blush)


(Click to enlarge)

I used the middle colour in  all the 4 shadows for the look above.

This is what they look like with the flash :


(click to enlarge)

I never thought I’d be able to carry off a canary yellow coloured eye shadow but I think it’s actually playful and cute. I wouldn’t wear it to work, but for an occasion- sure! It’s definitely not as “in your face” as you think it might be:



The blush was SLIGHTLY powdery, but nothing unmanageable. The colour is a gorgeous bright peachy  orange which I think will flatter almost all warm skintones  (you can see it  in the pictures above) The shadows are very smooth and there was absolutely no fallout.  I only picked the green shades to have a satin /shimmer finish, but all the others are completely matte and are very easy to apply. I applied the shadows with quite a light hand for the pictures above but had no issue getting the colours to show up /blend out.

Staying Power

I wore these over my MAC soft ochre paint pot and they lasted over ten hours without any issues.


[usrlist Packaging:4 Pigmentation:5 Texture:5 staying_power:5 avg=”true” ]




Oh yeah! The palette is  a bargain at this price! they also have some other gorgeous combinations in the rainbow series ( like the blues and some other shades of greens and oranges).

My sis also just alerted me about a sweet sale that’s going on @  . Most of it looks to be 50% off from what I checked!! Craziness!Check it out!