Why did you let me down, that is :( I had mentioned these products in my HOTD post a while back and had said I would review them. I have since used them a couple of times and feel I can review them accurately now!


Kerastase Immersion Nutritive Pre-shampoo Nutrition Replenisher : $42 CAD ( for 200 ml)
Kerastase Immersion Touche Perfection Replenishing Balm : $32 CAD (for 40 ml)



Not much to comment about here. They come in squeeze tube containers that can be made to stand upright if needed. The finishing balm is a cute pocket size.


Pre-shampoo Nutrition Replenisher

First off, it smells heavenly! Most of the Kerastase products that I’ve smelt smell rather wonderful and this is no exception. It’s a very fresh, non-overpowering scent (to me), but if you’re very sensitive to smells you should be aware of this. It feels like a thick conditioner. It’s meant to be used BEFORE you shampoo  – left in for around 20 minutes ( as you do your chores or what have you) as a treatment. I used it around three times since the time I bought it , instead of my regular cocktail of hair oils. It was OK . It made my hair very soft but not as frizz-free as I would’ve liked. It also made my hair feel a bit coated, which I really dislike.

Touche Perfection Replenishing Balm

This performed better than the pre-shampoo treatment and is good at reducing my crazy “staticy” baby hairs, but  nothing phenomenal. It feels more like a handcream to me (iDEEa which is actually very good at reducing static btw!).



Pains me to do this to Kerastase considering I love so many of their other products, but both these products were just OK for their price. They weren’t able to knock my long-time favourites ( L’oreal Kerastase Elixir Ultime Serum and TIGI Bed Head After-Party Smoothing Cream) off from their top spots! I can’t do without either of those products..well my hair can’t.


In other news…


My Hair-o-Meter

 [wppb progress=18/23 option=”candystripe orange” location=inside]

I measured the length of my hair, and the longest hair is 18″ from root to tip. My ideal length would be another 4-5 inches!




Do you have any favourite hair care products?Are you trying to grow your hair out? Do you want to cut it?Any tips? Do share:)