Sorry about my erratic posting schedule ever since I got back from my mini vacation! I’ve just had a lot of other things to do and in all honesty haven’t been inspired enough to write quality posts. I was however, inspired enough to write a poem about it! If the font was too small in the cover photo here it is again!



Traffic’s been SO bad lately here in Montreal that I literally wrote that in my little notepad whilst stuck in traffic! Anywhoo…I hope to get my bloggin’ mojo back soon, and in the meantime you can sign up to receive notification of new posts via email  or Facebook (or you can follow me on BlogLovin’ – button in the footer)  so you don’t have to check back to see if a new post is up. I’ll continue ot share “stuff ” on Instagram so feel free to follow or check me out there.

I found this quote that I thought was really cool and I’ll leave you with that:


(*image courtesy

TGIF ( or almost Friday depending on when you read this) and have a great weekend :)