OK so this isn’t from today but it *was* my HOTD  on Saturday( maybe it can stand for Hair of Two Days ago this time :p)  after some hairapy  at my favorite salon close to where I live.  It wasn’t really hairapy – it was just a wash and blow dry, but it was so relaxing ( as always!) . I asked for some movement at the ends and was super happy with how it turned out!  I like salon blow outs not just because they look good but also because of how much longer the style lasts when done professionally.


The stylist used  a tiny bit of  this Keratase serum on me, but nothing else. She used very small layers , a  medium barrel ceramic vented brush on the lower layers and a small barrel one on the top layers. I can do a video tutorial on this sometime.


It looks much lighter than it actually is because of the flash. My hair is a very dark shade of brown with ruddy,lighter brown  ombred ends now. Fun fact though – my hair actually was as light as it looks in this picture a couple of months ago and it’s after that brave attempt that it needed a lot of hairapy!

Now, remember I  mentioned how much  I adore the  Kerastase Elixir Ultime Serum?  Well the salon had a promotional offer on the Kerastase line,so I bought two more products to take advantage of it . I wanted something to keep my static baby hairs in check so I bought the  Kerastase Nutritive Touche Perfection balm (32$),  and I wanted an alternative to my hair oils to use once in a while as  a pre shampoo treatment, so bought the Kerastase Nutritive Immersion Nutritive Rinse Out treatment (42$). Their Elixir Ultime Moringa is also fabulous btw( got this in sample size and it lasted forever).


I’ve  used a number of their product nows ( shampoo, conditioner, concentrated spray treatments, serums) and I really do love this line.  I used the Touche Perfection balm on Sunday and liked the texture,  but I will be doing more detailed reviews on these products as I use them some more.

Have a happy hairday/humpday :)

(*Thanks to my sweet husband S for the images of my hair )