The 80’s must be the worst decade so far (in my opinion) for makeup, music and fashion! While I don’t love the 80’s style bright blue eye-shadow , I do like colour in general.  However,  I almost NEVER wear super colourful looks other than for these reviews (or if I’m in an exceptionally adventurous mood!). So I like being able to play around with colour but not paying a ton for it because I know I’ll only use them once in a while.

Having been pleasantly surprised with the quality of things I’ve bought so far from bhCosmetics,  I thought I’d take a chance on this palette that had a bunch of neons in it ( I didn’t want to buy the Urban Decay electric palette because I knew I wouldn’t use it enough and also because some of the colours in that palette are not for use on the eyes.)


USD $14.00 for the palette ( it also came with the 12 pcs pink brush set as part of some “electric summer steal” they had going on at the time). It’s on for 10$ today on


The packaging is errrm….very 80’s ? I think it’s cheesy but also very befitting of the name! :))


Something that I do like about the packaging is the fact that the protective film is actually glued in  one side, so  it actually does stay there and protect!


Pigmentation and Texture

The brighter mattes have amazing pigmentation on this one while some of the shimmer finish ones were on the sheerer side. The texture was also much better for the mattes. This was actually a pleasant surprise to me, because mattes tend to be chalky and not very smooth. I actually found the shimmer shades to be more on the powdery side and also had  more fallout. I mainly bought this palette for the neons, so I can live with that!

Here’s a look I did using these colours:


Over MAC's paint pot in Soft Ochre

(click to enlarge)

The shimmery shades did fade faster than the mattes but these greens in particular were not so bad.  These colours were applied over a thin layer of MAC’s Soft Ochre paint pot as a base.

I also wanted to do a really bright look so  I used these colours:


and did this look:

Over NYX Jumbo Pencil(Milk)

(click to enlarge)

I patted these on over NYX’s jumbo pencil in Milk. These colours applied much smoother than the previous lot and lasted  10+ hours without creasing or fading!

Staying Power

These were the green shadows after around 8 hours:


The colours  had definitely faded quite a bit. However the red and orange eyeshadow look as I mentioned lasted  great even after 10+ hours.


[usrlist Packaging:3 Pigmentation:3 Texture:2 staying_power:3 avg=”true” ]



Much as I found these shadows fun to play around with  and some of the colours to be super pigmented, the inconsistency in textures & pigmentation & staying power had me going Meh !  I may have also had higher expectations because the Galaxy Chic palette was such  a Deelight! For less than 15$ I’d say it’s worth a buy to play around with bright colour/neons – but make sure you have a great primer:)


What’s your take on neon eye shadow colours? :)