I bought this foundation on a trip to an outlet mall in LA. It’s usually  $44 CAD for 1 oz, but I got it for $26 in the US when it was on sale, so that’s pretty good. I absolutely adore the Estee Lauder double wear concealer but the regular double wear foundation  was just too thick for my liking.  I took a chance on this one (which means no reviews were read prior to purchase  : )) ), and  it turned out to be  perfect!

This is what the packaging is like:



It blends like a dream:



and stays fresh ALL day long!! I did not retouch /refresh my makeup  even once today and actually even forgot to use my trusty NARS setting powder this morning!



There is a tiny bit of fading and *I* look tired (because I was!) but as for the makeup itself –  it definitely  did “stay in place” . With a setting powder on top it will probably last amazingly well! I almost love this as much as I love my Guerlain Parure de Lumiere..and that’s saying something!!


[usrlist Packaging:4 Pigmentation:5 Texture:5 staying_power:5   avg=”true” ]




P.S: I’m going to try and keep the writing in my posts to a minimum. MsEpiphany has mentioned this a couple of times and I myself do not like reading lines and lines of text( in fact when I started this blog I promised QUICK painless reviews) –  so with that in mind, I shall try to do the pictures do most of the “talking” from now on:)  Do you have a favourite long wear foundation? What is it? :) 


I hope you have a great weekend !!