Sing along if you’re in the mood for it :)

This wasn’t my first trip to NYC by any means, but it *is* my first trip since I started my blog! Boy…was it ever a hectic week ! I’m going to try to put some of it into pictures, but work was super hectic and I only managed a few hours of fun:( But ohh did I ever make use of those few hours  :)

Some pics from the plane when it was landing and on my way back to the airport :



The view of the ships in that huge expanse of water was a really cool sight. Reminded me of the game Battleship if anyone remembers that!!


I stayed at the Andaz on Wall street so I could be a 5 minute walk away from my office :


(click to enlarge)


The rates per night are pretty ridiculous(-ly high) but for a corporate stay it was really nice! Highly recommend it if you will be working anywhere on Wall Street or in that general area. I’ve stayed at the W , Time Square before and it was horrid ( so is the one downtown).


Shot of my office building:



In the few free hours ( a mere 2.5 hours actually) that I had, I managed to  visit 2 of my favourite makeup stores with a colleague of mine lol …Sephora & MAC @ TimeSquare .  Big haul and swatchfest happened (reviews and details coming soon:) )!!

Fotor0621182415The display for the MAC Alluring Aquatic collection  in the MAC store there was really interesting ( a giant screen with some very aqua-ish images displayed). Apparently they even had some dancers in there sometime ago as part of the promos !

Saw some interesting new stuff ( new to me anyway) at Sephora. These express nail polish pods for starters:


Saw some interesting makeup booths at the local pharmacy (Duane Reade) :



and I absolutely loved the name of this brow gel lol: When Hairy Met Sealy !! Bahaha! Totally cracked me up!


A LOT went on at work and I’m totally exhausted, but it was a great, productive trip.  As nice as it was, nothing beats being back home –  I almost want to say Viva la Montreal:)


What was last week like for you? Anything exciting? ( possible candidates might include :  Hauls/a puppy/a kitten/a baby/vacation… :) )