If you’re an IT geek  like me you read that  as “Mac Mini” haul from NYC :)  Ok, so as strange as this seems with the copious amounts of makeup that I own, I realised that I’ve never owned a custom  MAC quad/palette! I picked a couple of shades that I’ve been wanting to buy when I was in NY last week and voila!  – I had my very first custom MAC quad ( $48 USD for the quad with the shadows):


I know! I know! *EVERYONE* has Patina!! But *I* never had it! ..But I do now ! :) I have to use it a few more times to see what all the hype is about but I do think it’s a unique shade!


I also bought a pro long wear paint pot in Perky ( $20USD) because one that I had similar to it from Lola Cosmetics was drying out.


This pot was much softer than any of the other paint pots I have .Because of this, it’s very easy to overblend and takes a little longer to dry down, but makes a nice base and the colours would have really popped if I had perhaps patted it in better.   Anyways, I tried out a quick look using these products : 


Most of the eyeshadows in the quad are kind of duochrome shades. The colours are really natural despite having some brightness to them , very pretty and go really well together.


I ‘m wearing Chanel’s Rouge Allure Velvet Lipstick in #34 on my lips, which I also bought last week  and had a review of it’s own.  I’m sorry if the colours look a little off in these pictures- it’s because I had to make up for lack of natural lighting  :(

If you have a MAC quad that you love can you please share the colours that you have on there with me? I can think of some (Cork and Wedge come to mind right away) but I always love hearing about new combinations ( not that I need any more sigh!.. but knowledge is power:) ) I’d especially love to hear about some earthy green/olive green based combos. Thank you !

I also wanted to share with you today (and maybe from here on! )some of my jewellery that I really enjoy. I have a lot of jewellery ( I *am* Indian after all (before I was Canadian heh ) thanks mostly to my sweet sis MsEpiphany and my mom, but I thought it might be fun to share some of my favourite pieces:) . Like everyone else, my taste changes depending on my mood of course but today for example  I was in the mood for these “D” earrings and this simple bow necklace:


Hope you have a great weekend!! :)