My most DEElightful product of June: Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Souffle in Lychee/Opal


If I had to pick a couple of favourites for June that would be easy to do because of my recent haul  , but if I had to pick my MOST favourite among them it would be this beautiful, marbled, whipped, light-as-air , luminous ..tint from Becca. This product has received much love from the makeup-lovin’ community ever since it’s launch and my only regret if anything is that I didn’t get it sooner:)  First off…it’s BEAUTIFUL! I love  to see the artistic side of things , and there’s no denying how gorgeous this product is! And I don’t mean the packaging  – I mean the actual product inside..look at it!


The swatch on my NC30-40 skin (yes the range is pretty broad depending on the time of year for me!) was applied pretty heavy. I’ve tried applying this with fingers, as well as with a stippling brush, and I definitely prefer a loosely packed stippling brush for this. It just applies a lot more evenly – probably because it’s SO fluffy soft  in consistency ( and not in a bad way)! This was when I applied it in the morning:


When you look up close ( especially with the flash), you can see that it emphasizes my pores a tiny bit:


But it’s so pretty otherwise that I couldn’t let that bother me.  Plus it wears so well ! I’m not sure if you can tell clearly from this picture, but this was at the end of the day (after a long walk, some sweating  in between etc.) and it  was still on :


One thing that struck me about this tint was….are you ready for this?

2-becca_blush_ingredientsThe *ingredient list* ! I don’t remember the last time I saw any product..let alone a blush have THAT many ingredients!! Umm..at least it’s paraben-free? : )) I got quite a few things recently ( the MAC quad for example, or this Chanel lipstick among others) but the star of the show for me this month was definitely this lil’ fella. Worth the $27 USD and then some!! I was torn between this one and Watermelon/moonstone which looks so purdy on Julie. Good thing there’s always a next time:) its_a_deelight_transparent_fullThe weekend’s practically over ( Sundays never count – they fly by faster than Jimbo can get at whatever’s under the sheets !) .

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Dee D

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  1. Nice pick! I have the Fig/Opal Souffle and I love it just as much as you do! The texture is so unique and the smell is so summery and delicious, have you noticed that?

    Agata recently posted…Lemons and ManisMy Profile

    • Thanks Agata. Hahah first thing I went and did is go smell it now. Yeah it does have a faint smell ..reminds me of a much lighter version of the scented markers I had when I was a kid! Fig/Opal ran a little dirty mauvish/brown on me when I swatched it so I passed on it. I might give it another try though. They’re definitely collector-worthy!

  2. very pretty. :) I love my Becca Highlighter in Moonstone.It does have a tendency to emphasize pores though.

    • Yeah it is v purdy . You barely have any visible pores ..at all! You lucky duck.

    • It really is – thanks Smita! I have my days when I want no shimmer at all but the shimmer is so fine in this it just looks like a healthy glow!

    • Lol. Yes that’s the conclusion I reached (“whatever”) :)) . Thank you sweet girl!

  3. Lychee/Opal looks so, so stunning on you (although I’m sure all of the shades would!) Great choice! I hadn’t even noticed how long the ingredients list on it is…eek! I haven’t had any problems with it, though!

    • Oh ty Julie. Loved watermelon/monstone on you !! I haven’t had any issues with any of the ingredients either ..just thought it was kinda funny that it had *that many* lol. I hope you buy fig/Opal and review it hehe.

    • Hey Carolyn (the song Sweet Caroline plays in my mind anytimeI hear that name or anything close to it :) ) great to have you on here! I know! They’re so pretty and also..pretty unique:) Which ones did you get?

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