I thought I’d share some of the tools/accessories that I started using as one-offs, but have come to love dearly over time ! These are products that have made my life (ok fine maybe just my beauty routine)  easier and I’d recommend them whole heartedly to anyone because I’ve used them for a while now  and know exactly how they perform!

First up  is this Denman Hairbrush Cleaning Brush (yes, yes I want to say it really fast too)


This is probably my most recent DEElight as far as tools go. My sis ( MsEpiphany) gave this to me recently  –  she bought it at a beauty salon in LA.  I feel like I lose  a whole head of hair every time I brush my hair  and this thing has changed the way I feel about cleaning my hair brushes ( and I have a BUNCH of brushes so it really takes me a while normally to get them nice and clean).  The teeth are so nice and firm that it really beats using a tooth-brush or anything else that you might have used to clean your brushes! It gets ALL the hair out in a single pass even and it’s a nice feeling to see all that yucky hair coming off the brush ( its like peeling dried craft glue off your fingers..dont pretend you didn’t like doing that).

It just struck me as I’m writing this that most of my tools are in the “hair removal” category in one way or another. I guess there’s a message in there for me ( and yes it is that I’m hairy). So the next one up is this tool that I also learned about from my sis – it’s the BellaBee Facial Hair Remover Threading tool . 


I used to love getting my eyebrows and upper lip threaded when I lived in India  – it’s so common there and they do an amazing job. In Canada however…not so easy! This tool beats having to use wax or anything else on your face . It’s super easy to use and very efficient! There are many videos on how you use it but basically the little grooves on it yank or trim the hair as you twist both ends of the Bellabee! However – if you have carpal tunnel syndrome, please use it gently and not too frequently – the twisting motion can hurt your wrists if you’re not careful! 

Another hair removal item…my beloved LaCross tweezers. I think this may ALSO be from my sister..yikes I *do* get a lot of stuff from her :) I can’t seem to find this exact model anywhere now.  I also have a pair of red Tweezermans  that I love, but this pair is my absolute favourite. Gets every teeny tiny stray hair on my eyebrows and  has never nicked me! Yes it’s kinda dirty right on the inside  – but  please don’t judge –  I’ve had it for ages :) !!



Next up is this little Silicone Brush Blackhead Remover/Facial Cleansing Pad . I got mine at a Korean store in LA but you can get these literally anywhere . This one from Sephora looks super cute:



I’m sparing you from looking at mine close up because I’ve had it for a long time now and its a bit stained. What? You still want to see it. OK..


While I ponder whether I need the Foreo Luna ( I know I *want* it), this little fella has helped keep my skin squeaky clean and completely clear! The bristles are super soft and yet remove makeup and dirt so effectively and I love the little suction thingy so it just stays in my bathroom on one of the wall tiles there.  I take this thing everywhere with me because I love how it cleans my skin. (p.s: I have a Clarisonic and  OlayProX cleanser but only use this one everyday).

Last but not least – this Glass Nail File that I have loved since the time I bought it!


I kept reading that glass nail files are the best – don’t make your nails split etc – and I really do think that that’s true. And they last so much longer too!

I was going to go over my essential makeup  brushes that I can’t do without but I think I’ll include those in another post. This one has been long enough!!

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