I’ve been wanting to use Pantone’s colour of the year for a few weeks now, but I just didn’t get down to it for some reason. I had sometime to play around with my makeup a bit this weekend however, and decided I may as well make a video tutorial out of it. (P.s: This was the first video I *ever* made and was intended for beginners so…Pls be gentle :) )

 Products Used



It looks like I’ve used a lot of products but honestly it’s a very simple look that in reality took me only ten minutes to do ( yes I actually timed it).The shadows that I used are shown below. I’ve used other  coastal scents Go Palettes which I loved, but I’m not too crazy about this one (the Beijing palette), but it served it’s purpose for this look.



The most “orchid” part about this look was thanks to Maybelline’s Color Sensation Vivid Lipstick in the shade Hot Plum. This is such a fun, vibrant shade. It can really make any look 10x more fun!

Video Tutorial


The Finished Look


(opens to larger image)

You can see how vibrant Hot Plum really is here:


I also toned it down a notch by switching Hot Plum out for  L’oreal’s Saucy Mauve



So there you have it, that was my salute to Orchids ( and the color too) :) Hope your Monday gets off to a great start!