I don’t know about you but when I look TIRED,  I FEEL (even more) tired!

Most of us touch our faces countless times a day without even realizing it. This not only has the potential to cause acne (from the bacteria/oils on our hands) , but also removes some of our makeup , making it look uneven and  blotchy.Even if you’re not a “face-toucher”, you can appreciate that make-up does have a tendency to slip and slide around over the course of the day all on its own , with no help from us.

A few essentials in your makeup bag can keep you looking ( and if you’re like me, also  FEELING) fresh, no matter how long your day (or work day) is.  For the longest time all I had was  one lipstick or one lipgloss. Then  I had handsanitizer and the lipstick. Then it was handsanitizer, lipstick and concealer. And so things went until one day I realised I really need a little makeupbag to keep all this in one spot in my hand bag.

Here’s my (mini) makeup bag that I always have with me in my handbag (This is also the bag that stays  on me when I travel – any other non-essentials/luxuries go into my checked in luggage):


What’s inside you ask?




Details, details…



  • Bath & Body Works Hand sanitizer
  • Bobbi Brown corrector in Peach
  • Travel sizeBobbi Brown foundation Stick in Warm Natural
  • MAC Sheer Pressed Powder in NW30
  • The Balm Mini makeup brush for the powder
  • Mac Lipgloss in Viva Glam II
  • Dior Lipstick in Dior Rouge Nude 683
  • Travel size perfume (Jaguar Woman)s
  • Some Bobby pins and hair ties
  • A little utility knife like a Swiss army knife
  • Clean & clear oil absorbing sheets
  • Visine for dry eyes for Contact lens wearers ( not pictured) and
  • Shiseido travel size hand cream ( not pictured) 

I know it seems like a lot of stuff, but I’ve used all of them at some point or another and they all fit in that  little bag which is no larger than my hand ( which if you know me is pretty darn small).

I like to keep a lipstick and lipgloss that are neutral so I don’t have to worry whether it’ll clash with anything else. I like the MAC sheer powder as I can refresh my makeup without having it look cakey. But even that I can do without. What  I absolutely love are the Clean & Clear oil  absorbing sheets. These take away the excess shine that usually occurs after 6 hours for me (depending on the day) and does not disturb the makeup. I’ve tried high end versions of the blot sheets and trust me there is no difference in efficiency! Now I’ve heard people say that the material from the thin toilet seat covers  works just as well but umm…I wouldn’t try it! And these are cheap enough that I don’t have to get caught rubbing toilet seat covers on my face at work or anywhere else!

Of all these items the most important one to me  is my concealer/corrector. Even Bobbi Brown said this – while most women think that  its lipstick that refreshes their look through the day, what REALLY makes a difference is  to refresh your under eye concealer during the day.   Don’t believe me or Bobbi? Just look at how much happier this girl looks after shes redone her concealer :)) ( ok she’s touched her other makeup too but the biggest difference is made by hiding the dark circles):

picture taken from http://www.google.ca/url?sa=i&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=mfQJzoxYa1t2OM&tbnid=iUbp7y3p3a-R7M:&ved=0CAYQjhw&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DkXL13pwCQUo&ei=B4MSU7_LN5OMyAGv1ICoBg&psig=AFQjCNGCCHRN9iCNELoeTUD6WmATcYiIiw&ust=1393808519957763

Now, if you sit in an office all day like me staring at  a computer for countless hours ( and then some after you come home), I also highly recommended keeping some kind of wetting eye drops on hand. The brand that I absolutely love for this , tried and tested is Blinc .

How about you? What’s in your makeup bag? Do tell!