I bought my Dinair kit in 2012 in the hopes of using it for my wedding, but somehow decided against carting it along in my luggage at the last minute. It looks like they design has changed in the last 2 years and the newer ones seem to be much more silent. That’s one of the things that threw me off a bit with this one – it’s pretty loud ( think electric drill /tiny jack hammer!). Nonetheless, I do love airbrush makeup because I love long wearing, super-natural looking makeup. My pet peeve is probably being able to actually SEE foundation once it’s applied!


$222.47 CAN ( I bought this one  which had a few different accessories at the time)



The device itself is very compact and  came with a zippered plastic  pouch which stored all the additional foundation/blush/eyeshadow shades and some accessories). They have a couple of shades from for the pump,  but some of them cost extra.  Dinair has a ton of videos and posts where they talk about  how to use the makeup and it’s really quite simple once you use it a couple of times.

What foundations to use with it

I personally found the Dinair foundations that came with my kit to be drying. I bought the KettCosmetics Hydro Foundation which can be used for airbrush  makeup or even just as regular foundation. It’s very hydrating and has a great finish. I’ve also used the Mac Face&Body foundation in it once or twice but didn’t really like the way it went on . I also don’t recommend trying this, as it’s really  not runny enough and may clog the machine!


I have a short tutorial on how I did my makeup using my airbrush kit here:

It really is undetectable even when you get really close, which makes it great for HD photographs . These are the other products that I used for the finished look:


The star performer in my opinion is the Dinair Moist&Dewy Drops. It takes away ANY dryness that you may have and makes your skin look just that – moist & dewy!

I would say the most annoying part of the airbrush  process if you will is the fact that you have to clean out the pot/well  when switching between foundation/blush/highlighter/bronzer. It only takes a few seconds, but if you’re used to traditional makeup, that’s a few seconds too many! I normally only use it  for foundation and this only takes 5 minutes.



This really depends on when it is being used and for what purpose! For a special occasion, its a DEElight. It looks super natural and lasts for ages.  It really is  very easy to use  – Dinair isn’t lying about that:)  But it still doesn’t compare to the ease of applying just  a tinted moisturizer super fast with your fingers!! If you have problematic skin airbrush makeup is an awesome tool to have as it can conceal with zero cakiness.  For me personally, I don’t use it on a daily basis, and this is mainly because the motor is too noisy for my liking. I’ve read that the newer units are much more silent, but I don’t think I will be spending another 100 or 200$ just to get a quieter unit!