Hey everyone! Just to let you know that I’m still around, but recuperating! I had an amazing ( but very tiring) 3+ week vacation to Turkey and fell sick after I got back   – a flu that turned into a nasty cold, and still continues. Any posts that were put out during this time were all scheduled ( and posts repeated from earlier this year when my blog had 3 faithful readers :)) )

If you follow me on Instagram you’re already up to speed on most of went on the last few weeks, and if not here’s my attempt at some highlights from my trip in one pic. This was my 3rd trip to Turkey ( as the hubby’s Turkish) but I haven’t ever toured around like I did this time! There were way too many interesting things and spots for me to put into one post or picture but rather than overwhelm I thought I’d just leave you with this one pic :



So the gist of it is that I went into ancient underground caves, relaxed by the Aegean sea, went to Georgia, roamed around the very North of Turkey by the black sea, went to a whole bunch of islands, did the balloon tour of Kapadokya and much much more. My favourite things there  ( in no particular order)  are the food, the beaches ( the calm mediterranean waters of the Aegean sea are unbeatable!), the animals , the bazaars and the jewellry! I could seriously write a little book on everything that I saw but that would be really messy and…


If you do go to Turkey , some places that you must visit are Istanbul (duh of course!), Bodrum ( a beach lover’s paradise – the Aegean sea is literally like a giant pool and the temperature around this time of year was PERFECT..in the water!) and Kapadokya. And if you do go to Kapadokya please don’t leave without doing the hotair balloon ride. It was just an unbelievably beautiful experience.  I suggest going to Turkey around the end of August – the weather will be cooler and it won’t be as crowded ( or expensive).

Ok, so since this is mainly a makeup and beauty blog, I’ll get straight to the point! Having spent quite a bit of time by the beaches and on different islands, I was pretty darn tan within a week of my getting there. I didn’t wear any foundation because nothing matched me anymore! So I stuck to using my trusty NARS light reflecting pressed powder to keep my face as matte/smooth as I could in that heat/humidity and for most days that was pretty much it ( I think I have that , the YSL gloss and undereye concealer on in the pic below):


On days where I had to go out somewhere nice or felt like doing a bit more I mainly used these other products:



(bought the Chanel Creme Blush in Presage, YSL Rouge Volupte #9 and Chanel Mirage eyeshadow at dutyfree on my way there)

I wore the Chanel blush pretty much all the time and love it, but the products that I absolutely loved this visit and was so thankful to have, were this Limited Edition Divergent Palette that Sephora put out earlier this year (thanks to my sis again for gifting this to me ! )


and this YSL lipstick ( the Rouge Volupte in #9) that I bought this time around at duty free :



It’s not the most moisturizing of the Rouge Voluptes ( which I’ve come to learn can be hit or miss in that department) but it’s a gorgeous pink that can perk up any complexion (IMO) and goes with everything!  The Divergent Palette is so useful because it has the 2 blushes, a gorgeous matte bronzer and a lovely highlighter which actually has a hint of gold-green when applied . The quality of this palette is amazing and I’ve used it on prior travels as well and loved it. You can still find it on eBay and I cannot recommend it enough! It comes with eyeshadow palettes and glosses too but I get the most use out of this one. On a side note, that blush Misty Rose there is almost an exact dupe for Desert Blossom by Edward Bess ( or vice versa).

Vacations are great, and even better if they’re not as tiring, but at the end of the day/visit it just FEELS SO DARN GOOD TO BE BACK HOME!!!

I hope you’ve been well and HAPPY HUMPDAY in advance:)

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