Sorry I’ve been MIA for a bit – in-laws been visiting, works been crazy, lifes been very, very busy etc.

OK..granted Camera Ready Cosmetics(CRC) is not a makeup brand, but rather the *name* of a *store* that carries many, many different brands of makeup, but it’s one of my favourite stores and will always have a special place in my heart because of all the gems that I’ve found there over the years! Their prices are SO reasonable that it almost feels wrong, especially when you consider how good their quality is!

They mainly carry items that are sold for “professional” use – catering more towards stage, specialFX etc. but also have a wide variety of products for HD photography that work amazingly well for daily use as well and I’ll talk about them here.

I’ve talked about my much loved Ben Nye Matte palette here and it remains one of my favourite matte neutral palettes to date.



These are most of the other products that I have from CRC ( thus far;)) and I’ve linked to the product pages for most of them from the header ( no commission for me – just trying to be helpful!!). The only ones missing here are the Ben Nye Matte Palette that I already reviewed, and a Graftobian Corrector because I used it all up! I’ll start with the…

Ben Nye Products:



Ah Ben do you make such wonderful products at almost dirt cheap rates!! However they do it, I’m sooo glad they do because I love all these products! The cream blush wheel as you can see has 6 different colours. They are SO pigmented, easy to blend and stay put *all day* (and then some) once they’re on. Here are the swatches ( unblended vs blended):


These colours can be used perfectly well as both blush and lipstick.I wore the bright pink one in my Ben Nye eyeshadow post, here’s what it looks like :


I am wearing a clear gloss over it for my lips because it *can* be a little drying. Next up is the Ben Nye Special Colour Wheel pictured in the first picture, which I love to use as a cream contour. It’s actually created for character makeup on stage ( to add wrinkles etc) but works SO well to contour . It really is especially great on stage because it doesn’t “melt ” under bright lights/heat. Both those wheels are around 20$ USD each – a STEAL, a real steal I tell ya!!

Next up, is the Ben Nye Bella Luxury Powder   in the shade Banana. I saw Wayne Goss using this once, and was sold! Of course a while later Kim K had made it really famous and it sold out etc but they do carry it (along with many other newer powders as well now). 8oz. of that thing sells for 30$ ….again,ridiculous pricing for such an amazing product!!  It works wonderfully to set undereye powder as well as all over. I am using my UD Naked Loose powder much more often these days ( bcoz Im still in the honeymoon phase with it:) ) but it still works great , I  do still love it and I switch back and forth between these powders! I also have that on in the picture above.  Ben Nye is just an overall WONDERFUL brand and I don’t think you can go wrong with them.

Graftobian OxyDerm Moisturizer


Like I mentioned, I had a blue-neutralized corrector by Graftobian that was super creamy and pigmented, but I have nothing to show for proof because I finished it and didn’t repurchase ( I like my Laura Mercier better now).  It did last for ages though and I loved it while I had it! Now this moisturizer shown in the pic above is a moisturizer and primer in one  – its the Graftobian OxyDerm moisturizer.  Have I mentioned that I tend to nurse products that I absolutely love?? I’m weird like that ..yeah , so this only comes out for SUPER special occasions. I dont know why…I mean its not even that expensive, but I love it to bits and reserve it for that special night our or what have you. It’s a “melt into your skin but keeps it mattekind of moisturizer that also acts as a primer. My makeup looks fresh ALL day and then some even without any powder when I use this! I’ve even used it for competition makeup and it is AH-MAZING! So, now you know about this product – you’re welcome.

Cinema Secrets Foundation Palette

It’s the little palette in the picture up top.  So this one, I mainly use for contouring. While it lasts great and makes skin look very smooth, it does feel a bit “pancake”-ish going on so I would actually recommend this one only for stage. With a damp beautyblender its ok for normal wear, but I don’t use it that way and just like the numerous options that it provides ( highlight, contour, foundation etc)!

Kett Cosmetics Hydro Foundation 

Ah Kett! How I love thee! This is made with airbrush makeup in mind ( and I’ve used it successfully with my Dinair Airbrush kit) , but  boy does it EVER work well as regular foundation! It’s specifically made for HD photography, lasts all day, leaves skin with a beautiful satiny-dewy ( never oily) finish. I adore this foundation .  It’s VERY VERY thin ( because it needs to work with airbrush kits too), and applies like a dream. It’s 33$ for an ounce of product, and that literally lasts  forever. Highly recommend!!

MaqPro Makeup Mixer


Oh but its so much *more* than just a makeup mixer. You can use this as moisturizer, primer, mixer ( to thin out thick foundations, make your own tinted moisturizer from powder foundations etc),  mixing medium, heck even as a makeup remover! At 27$ for 60 ml of product…thats a joke people. Such an innovative product, and again meant for professional or regular use.  Everyone needs one of these in their lives:)

Another product that’s not pictured here is the Mehron Celebre HD cream foundation that I’ve bought from here and loved – fantastic foundation at a ridiculously low price with more shades than you need!

That rounds up all my current DEElights from  CRC.   If I had to recommend  any products again – the Graftobian Oxyderm Moisturizer and the Ben Nye cream blush/lipstick wheel – you’re welcome again( just don’t blame me if you feel like buying MUCH MUCH more from the store one you visit it lol. Shipping is super fast and shipping rates are great – even to Canada!). And…