I feel the need to say..


I love these :


They’re all such easy colours/textures to work with. No fuss, last well without chipping and look good with everything! I’ve worn most of them in other posts/instagram pics  but I thought I can showcase them here in one post. Normally when I wear these I skip my regular transparent top coats.

Milani Pink Flare

I really like the quality of the Milani nail polishes – at around 4$ CAD each, they are great value for money!  I wore Pink Flare as a top coat  here and that’s probably my favourite way to wear it ( over a light pink base):



Because it’s a glitter top coat it lasts ultra long without chipping.

Sally Hansen Carnival

This is like  Frank’s Red Hot to me. I put that  *** on everything :)) It looks pretty no matter what you layer it over and I had put pictures of that up on instagram ( sorry the nail polish was fading but you get the idea!) .


I really like this over white nail polish and I’ll have that image at the end of the post.

Urban Outfitters Dust

This one gets opaque with two coats and reminds me of the sky and the stars because thats what the glitter looks like. Strange that I found it at a clothes store but its great quality and  one that I enjoy especially over darker base colours.

Maybelline Lavender Sparks

Wore it here . Looks like this:


I luuuv purples like this and it’s definitely one of my favourite top coats! Gets opaque in two coats.

Hard Candy Black Tie Optional

Besides loving the name, I absolutely  love the actual top coat too.


Reminds me of a Jackson Pollock painting. The really nice part about this one is that you don’t have to work hard to get the bits and bobs on there. It’s always evenly distributed and no goopiness, caking up of particles etc. LOVE IT.

Maybelline Pretty in Polka

This to me, is like the pink version of Black Tied Optional. Also applies very smoothly and looks like a beautiful jelly colour in 2 coats.

Here’s swatches of one coat of  all of them here (except for Lavender Sparks):


See how cute Carnival looks over white nail polish? :) Although I like all of them, I  think everyone needs to have Black Tied optional in their arsenal of top coats!! What do you think? What are your favourite layering top coats? 

I hope your week is going well and Happy Hump Day :)

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