What?? What am I doing writing about this Poo-Pourri thing on a beauty & fitness-related site? Hey I think it’s important to smell nice too ! :))

Like it or not, everybody’s poo smells – the degrees may vary, but there is no “SWEET SMELLING POO”……Or is there??

 When I first heard of Poo-Pourri I was …very amused, and *very* skeptical!! A spray that erases all traces of having just used the bathroom after the (ahem! cough!) .. big job?? No such thing exists. Oh but it does….and it’s in this miraculous little spray here!!

I bought it mainly because I just loved the advertising! Check out their slogans and logos…




Where to begin! Let’s look at the awesome names…the company is called Poo-Pourri..brilliant!! Then the product itself is called “Deja Poo“…a “Before You Go toilet spray” :)) And then it says “You’ve been here before, but now with a scent you adore“. HOW witty is that??

I bought it in the smaller size bottle to start with that was pretty cute and had a little charm hanging from it …


I said to myself I’ll give it a try and if not I’d have had a laugh!! Well color me suprised and impressed, this thing WORKS! and it works SO well people, that I honestly really dislike the thought of “going” without this!!  Here are the instructions:



You basically spray about 3-4 times to kind of form a film on the layer of water in the toilet bowl before you go, and thats it...YOU GO, BUT THE SMELL IS GONE!  This one (Deja Poo) smells like Ylang-Ylang , chamomile and maybe even some lavender to me …it’s heavenly.  Thats what you’re left with! No need for any air fresheners, exhausts  and what have you. All traces erased. I think this is especially great when you have guests over (or when you’re at someone else’s house) because I don’t think ANYONE likes to leave the bathroom smelly – plus its embarrassing if someone has to go in right after you!

I ended up buying the 118 ml size too and have one in each bathroom now.



They come in other fragrances too (Royal Flush and Original),  but this one is my favourite. You can find it here at a ridiculously low price for the 4 ounce size  but it also comes in various other sizes as well. I haven’t used any air freshener in the bathroom ever since I got this and its so much better because there is no smelliness to start with that you have to cancel out later. Or imagine that you’ve had a terribly upset stomach and stunk up the whole place – wouldn’t it be amazing if you could just leave the bathroom smelling like lavender and chamomile rather than….smelly poo !!

This is probably my favourite discovery  in recent times,  and as funny as the marketing around this is, a smelly bathroom is no joke and with this spray keeps all that smelliness WONDERFULLY at bay by trapping all odors before they “escape”!! I HIGHLY recommend you try this….it seriously is a game changer!!