I can’t remember even ONE time when I’ve gone into Sephora knowing exactly what  I wanted to buy and then coming out only with that. The body is strong but the will is very, very weak.. sigh :(  It’s like time slows down when I’m in there and  I just want to swatch everything ..try everything and I’d probably even buy everything if I could afford it  : )) . Having said that, I picked up a few things in the recent past that are *all* from the Sephora Collection ( which I think gave me my VIB Rouge status finally!). These are products that  I have really been loving, don’t regret purchasing and can whole heartedly recommend! I don’t remember the exact moment when I felt Sephora had really stepped up their game but I do remember thinking that, and they continue to remain consistent about their quality , which makes me really happy! Here they are ( in no particular order) :

1. Face


 10 HR Wear Perfection Foundation

I bought this in the shade Medium 33 (Walnut) . I could have gone one shade up and bought Almond but it seemed a tad too dark . It’s a super creamy foundation that although on the thicker side, is so easy to blend. It’s a full coverage foundation that can be worn as medium coverage with a damp beauty blender. It does not look mask like AT ALL and lasts probably more than 10 hours on my dry(ish) skin.  It has  quite a satiny finish considering its full coverage and I love this one for long days at work. It doesn’t replace my fav long wear foundation but it’s up there! I’m wearing it in the pic below:




Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation

I have a love-hate relationship with my actual airbrush makeup kit by Dinar  but  all I have for this little guy is LOVE. I bought it after reading the high ratings on makeup alley and  it’s simply wonderful.  The only thing that you need to  be careful about is that you shake the can several times before spraying because otherwise you’ll just get hotspots of foundation. Its a super fine micro mist that covers so beautifully and  also stays put all day. This one definitely has better staying power than the 10 hour foundation in that I barely get oily even after 6-7 hours with this one.  I’ve tried it in different ways – spray directly onto face and buff with a stippling brush, spray a little onto the brush and then buff in  – it all works very well. Super fast application and doesn’t set so fast that you don’t have time to work with it. Two thumbs up  from me for this one! I have it in the shade Almond which runs pretty yellow and am wearing it in the picture below:


1-2014-10-05 14.41.50

Here are swatches of both  for comparison:


Microsmooth Baked Luminizer in #2 Moonbeam


I’ve been on the hunt for any highlighter  that vaguely resembles Mac’s  long-discontinued Pink Opal Pigment.  That is REALLY hard to find!! This isn’t quite as pink as Opal but it’s a really  beautiful highlighter with peachy pink and gold  undertones.  Looks awesome on warmer skin tones IMO.  It does have some glitter in it (albeit very subtle) so if you’re a glitter-hater you might want to stay away, but for the rest of the world it is  b-e-a-utiful! :)

Metamorphosis Exfoliating Powder


The star of the show – without a doubt!! A big fat deelight_pink_lips , if you will !  I first read about this guy on Musings of  a Muse . I was pretty intrigued and ended up buying it. One of the best exfoliators I’ve used in recent times. It’s not too harsh, it;s not too gentle – gets the job done without irritating my skin and there is ALWAYS a *noticeable* effect on my skin after I use it. It gets rid of any flakiness, dullness…it is awesome people!! And the best part is you need such a tiny amount that you’ll probably never ever need to buy an exfoliator again for the next 5 years atleast!! I prefer this to Exfolikate because I sometimes get super sensitive skin with Exfolikate.  If I have to recommend one item this month  – this would be it!




Sephora Rouge Shine #10 and Sephora Nanoliner #15 Royal Rose

I love the Rouge shines – I have a couple of them now and they are so darn comfortable to wear.  On the sheerer side, they are super creamy and moisturizing. I was looking for a dusty rose liner and found it in this nano liner ( Royal Rose).  They look pretty on their own and together as well.  The liner is not a moisturizing liner but it doesnt suck all the moisture out of my lips either. It’s just the shade I was looking for so I was pretty happy with that.



Sephora Endless kisses Jumbo Glossy Lip Pencil set


34$ for 8 of these full sized glossy lip pencils that I luuvvv…how could I not??  The pigmentation is amazing on these and so is the texture. Gaah..love them. I’m wearing just one swipe of one of the shades in the pic below! :

1-2014-10-12 14.20.15



(Yeah I thought doing it in the Eyes.Lips.Face order might be  a bit corny.. :) )



I’ve been looking for a good glitter base and read good reviews on the Sephora one, so decided to give it a try. This thing works great!! I like it for holding loose pigments as well. You cannot  blend over glitter bases but they are perfect for a base coat that would otherwise be really messy. They work great under cream shadows too.  I also bought the DUO wand type glue for false lashes based on a recommendation by Jaa . It works great just like the other DUO glues but because it has a wand  type brush, it makes application  non-messy and super easy. Thank you for that recommendation Jaa:)

Next up I bought 2 gorgeous liners  from the 12 hour/waterproof collection   – Surfer Babe and FairyTale. Surfer Babe is a beautiful peacock blue and FairyTale is a gorgeous golden green with shimmer.



I love the Sephora contour eye pencils and have  built up quite the collection of these over time!! Blondie remains one my favourites to date to highlight my inner corners.

I forgot to photograph this but another wonderful product that I bought is the Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover for Glitter. Here it is ( pic taken from the Sephora site ):


It has just changed the way I feel about glitter nail polish  completely.  I  love glitter nail polishes but hate taking them off. This makes it a breeze I tell ya. It has those typical rubber type bristles on one side and also a rough sponge type surface on another. Between the two and soaking your nails in the remover, the glitter polish is off in seconds. I also love their DELETE  nail polish remover!


So there you have it  – a few ( ok many..) of my favourite things from Sephora in recent times.  I feel like I must have missed SO many hauls in the last few weeks. If you’ve been naughty and hauled a lot, please share!! I’m also on Instagram, BlogLovin, Twitter and Facebook so feel free to add me there if you haven’t already and I’d love to add you back. If you just want to subscribe to posts via e-mail you can do that from the widgets on the right.