I got this months ago as soon as I heard of its availability and much before I knew Vice3 was coming out ( aaaand before I read Christine’s review of it!) . I just loved how sleek and cute this looked and decided to take a chance on it..be bold and buy it without reading anyone else’s reviews etc ! I mean..look at it:



That IS cute! I’m a sucker for packaging, I’ll admit –  but in this case I also thought I would love it because I love the texture of UD shadows in general, looooooovvvve my original Naked palette (ty again and again MsEpiphany :) ) and I liked the gentle mix of colours that it has. I feel like this palette has somehow been poo-pooed in light of Vice3 coming out soon after, but I really don’t think this little guy is useless :)


Many of the shades do wear excellently and I love the pigmentation on  most of them (and don’t mind some repeats – I have Baked  , Sin and Smog from my original Naked palette) , there are 3 shades that I was REALLY looking forward to in this one  – Indo, Flash and Freelove   (the green one on top and the purple and the peach in the bottom row – don’t bother hunting for the names on there :) )  and sadly these DID NOT perform as well as I had hoped :( In fact they are probably the worst of the bunch here! They didn’t have the same buttery texture that most UD shadows have . They can still be built up and wear well time-wise, but  I was disappointed with their texture.

Here are some looks that I have used this little palette for:

Using Tornado and Bordello ( the best performing of the bunch IMO – especially Tornado):


Using Baked Cowboy,Lost and Smog :


Using FreeLove and Indo:



So…did I Love it? DO I love it?  Is it a deelight_pink_lips  ??  It’s a cute palette, I love some of the shades, not bad for 39$.  The shadows do last for ages over a primer – only the texture was off on some of them.  It’s not a deelight_1 sadly , but that’s ok I still get use out of it. If you didn’t buy it  you didn’t  miss too much. If you bought it I hope you don’t hate it  :)  Let me know what you think of it, if you do have it though!! I still think I get more use out of this than I would have out of Vice3 because most of the colours in Vice 3 are just too dark for my liking…me no wear ’em :) On a slightly related note, I did  buy one of the Lorac Pro Matte lip colours ( in the shade Mauve) from Ulta along with this order and I DO love that – wearing it in the pic below :



(see what I did there? Pixelated my mess in the background …yeaaaaah takes less time to do that than it would to actually clean it up lol )

Got weekend plans? I plan on relaxing !! This week  has been cray cray! Happy post Thanksgiving weekend  to all my  American frrraanz & family :)