I know that not everyone gets Hello Kitty  –  my husband just doesn’t understand how this cartoon character even resembles a cat….he might be onto something because Hello Kitty isn’t “all cat”  !! That aside, I find ALL THINGS Hello Kitty adorable! Spending time in these little Asian stores stocked with all things Hello Kitty is probably one of my favourite things to do ( besides browsing for makeup  ha!) .  So really….it’s a no brainer that a makeup collection from Hello Kitty would definitely get my attention:)  This trio of lip balms aptly called ” An Apple a Day” is probably one of the cutest things I have seen in recent times in terms of packaging!  Part of a larger Hello Kitty collection for their 40th anniversary, at 20$ for the set, these lip balms would make a fantastic gift for that girlfriend/sister/wife who’s a lip balm addict /fan of Hello Kitty!

Granted the outside isn’t all that fancy or cute :


But the inside…well that’s a different story :)


(from L-R Natural, Red Delicious and Think Pink)

I honestly bought the set SOLELY based on the packaging of these adorable little pots… I had no idea what the formula of these would be like. It does say that they are infused with strawberry, vanilla and apple extracts and I do get a hint of all of those in them but the texture itself is quite lovely. Each of the balms is so creamy and smooth and  does a great job of  keeping my “winter lips” hydrated.


This is the lightest in terms of colour. It looks like a sheer lip balm in the picture below but really in person it does come across a little more pigmented and looks very pretty over a neutral lip pencil. It has tiny flecks of gold in it ..very purdy!




Think Pink

This is a great colour for daily use. It makes my lips look all full and smooth and …just super healthy! It works wonderfully well as a pick-me-up kinda colour  –  I find it  really helps to brighten up my complexion. Shown with one swipe in the pic below. It can be built up to be much more pigmented if you like. Ive also tried this on my cheeks and I love how it looks as a sheer/rosy blush!



Red Delicious

The Red Delicious  happens to be my favourite kinda apple ( to eat as well)! The pigmentation on this one is amazing. Shown below with just one swipe, it can be built up to be super opaque! My bare lips are so pigmented on their own …and not a nice pigmentation, they’re this weird ashy brown colour that just looks gross with colourless balm on but this hides  my natural lip colour all the way ! Lasts the longest of the bunch too. I was able to wear this one for around 4 hours before it faded. That’s a really LONG time for a lip balm people!! May make even my lipbalm hating sister give these a try  😉





I love them!! I wasn’t expecting anything from them when I bought them  – I was going to even just put them on display on my vanity because I found them so cute, but their formula has really won me over! They apply so smoothly from their little pots..no dragging, grittiness etc. One gentle swipe and the balm kind of melts a little, making it a real DEElight to apply! This texture is consistently great across all 3, so I really can’t find anything wrong with these guys. Do you have them ? Let me know what you think of yours too! Hope you have a great week:)  See you on Instagram/Twitter/Bloglovin:)