(yes there was a He-man reference somewhere in that title)

I realize that this is my first post of 2015…the gap between this and my last post has been longer than I would have liked, but here I am now ! Ta-daaah! :)) ! I hope that the new year has been going great so far for you! I don’t like to call them resolutions but I do usually tell myself to be better in whatever I can improve on at the start of every year!! Long term career aspirations aside, this year some of the things on my personal list were…to try to be less messy, not spend anything on new makeup until I use what I have and do the *great makeup purge* and do more in terms of helping other people out (in general) . Nothing terribly earth-shattering but things that will definitely have a positive impact for me and people around me if I can stick to them :)

Aside from being short on time in the last few weeks, I for whatever reason(s), found myself tired of taking “selfies”, tired of writing about a lipstick/blush that everyone either already knows about or owns – I just wasn’t “feeling it”! I’ve been blogging for about a year now…perhaps only started connecting with people/other bloggers since June/July last year, but I feel like while everyone in the beauty blogosphere is so connected when it comes to makeup , we are not really making use of our connections to the max to expand it beyond that. Wouldn’t you agree?:) You’re probably wondering what brought this introspective on! Don’t get me wrong I still love makeup and I still enjoy looking at all the creativity that’s out there but I feel like we can use that collective enthusiasm and bond that we have over makeup to do something for the greater good too, you know! And these don’t have to be mutually exclusive :)

I usually watch something or the other on Netflix over breakfast on the weekends. Today I watched this documentary called “Living on One Dollar”. A documentary by folks no older than the majority of us reading this post (I suspect!) who want to get a feel for what it is actually like to live on just ONE dollar a day ( sometimes less), because that is the fate of not just the people that they made this film on but over a billion people, the world over.

You can check out their website here where they have links to more of their work and if you have Netflix I really think you’ll love watching this one. Even the worst of our first world problems cannot compare to the basic problems that people living in these conditions face every single day..very sad but very true.

I’m very fortunate in that even though I grew up in a place (in rural India) where it was commonplace to see poverty like this everyday, our family was still doing well there. I have not seen that level of poverty anywhere else that I have lived thus far, and I haven’t met gentler/kinder/more hopeful souls either. I personally never lacked for anything, but something about this documentary just hit home – it just sounds so simple when he says if each of us helps another person out, then we can reverse the fate of these people so easily. And that’s the truth! We literally can change the world – and we are lucky to be alive in a time and place where we actually CAN connect in ways such that we can make this difference!

Now..I haven’t crawled under a rock/become a missionary/evangelist/philanthropist. But as I was sitting around wondering on what makeup or beauty-related item to write about next that will get us connected again, I felt compelled to write instead about something bigger than all of us. If each of us tweets/writes about organizations like this one, if each of us can write a piece that is as compelling from time to time, don’t you also believe that we can make a HUGE change?? Each one of us doesn’t have to have 100s or 1000s of followers..together we have MORE THAN ENOUGH! And you don’t even have to be a blogger! We all know people in our daily lives don’t we? Maybe we can just talk about something like this over lunch with colleagues, with friends…just raise some awareness where we can.

I really hope you didn’t find the tone of this post preachy or self-righteous. I know that we are already doing this in our day-to-day lives in some small way for the people in our immediate circles, but I just honestly believe that we can actually do something to better the world that we are all a part of if we can spread the word for a cause TOGETHER. I’ll be back soon with a beauty post as well :) Maybe less “selfy”, more “producty” till I get over my selfie-aversionitis bahah.

Hope you have an awesome week!