My most favourite makeup items in order of preference are :

  1. Lipsticks
  2. Concealers
  3. Foundations
  4. The rest .
    True story – I can’t pass up a good lipstick/concealer/foundation and by can’t pass up I mean if I see something new I feel a compelling need to try it/buy it!!  So much for my new year’s resolution to not buy any more makeup until I use up what I have.

While I love my makeup to look super natural and light, I really appreciate a great long-wearing foundation  that FEELS like bare skin – especially as the weather warms up ( YES , *EVEN* in Canada).  My Mac Prolongwear foundation and I do not get along well – it’s just too thick and drying for my skin.   I have however professed my love for many a barely-there-feel, longwearing foundation in posts past – my Estee Lauder longwear foundation, the  Sephora airbrush makeup, the Sephora 10 hour makeup,  Guerlain Parure De Lumiere…the list goes on! The recent DEElights that have been added on are these 2 from Sephora and Yves Rocher respectively( pictured below) .


(Sephora Ethereal Natural Finish Foundation & Yves Rocher FLawless Skin Foundation)


I’ve been rotating between these two foundations for the past several weeks now and I have to say I absolutely love them.   They both claim long wear ( 12 and 14 hours respectively) and both give the impression of  being able to give your skin that “perfect ” finish.



Sephora Ethereal Natural Finish Foundation

I don’t think I could have named this any better because that is EXACTLY the kind of finish that this foundation gives my skin. It has a dropper that reminds me of the DiorSkin Air Nude foundation, and the texture is divine.


It has a nice slip to it and is thicker than Mac Face and body but spreads SO beautifully.  I’ve applied it with my MAC stippling brush,  beauty blender, my UD optical blurring blush, sephora pro foundation brush, fingers, you name it – i’ve used it! It applies beautifully with any of them but super easy to apply with just your fingers.


SEAMLESS application , people – can you tell Im excited about this one?:)

I’m wearing it in this pic below:


Wear time..they claim it wears 12H. On my combination-dry skin, set with my favourite NARS translucent powder it lasted 14 hours and then some. Never cakey or drying – if anything it’s slightly moisturizing! Oh and did I mention it’s less than 30 USD ? You’re welcome :)


Yves Rocher Flawless Skin Foundation

I’ve never tried a foundation from Yves Rocher before but this 30$ foundation was half off and looked very promising. I decided to try it and so glad that I did.  Yves Rocher decided to go bold or go home – they actually do claim that it wears for 14 hours, and they nailed it! This  reminds me of the original Maybelline Fit me Foundation, except that it blends MUCH better and lasts so beautifully through the day ( and into the night!)


And here it is at the end of a looooong day  (sorry that its not a super clear picture:( but you get the picture..pun intended) . the concealer under my eyes had worn off a bit but the foundation itself was perfectly fine everywhere else in my face.Absolutely no drying/ cakiness or any discomfort even at the end of a super long day with this one either.




So there you have it -those were my recent foundation DEElights. If I had to recommend one, it would be the Sephora foundation but for any CanaDEEans out there, the Yves Rocher one is lovely too!

I hope you enjoyed the post!  It feels good to be back after a hiatus and I hope to keep the momentum going. I hope you’re all doing great. Come follow me on Instagram and Twitter so we can stay in touch – I’m much more active on Instagram than anywhere else. I wish that was just the universal social medium :)) With that: image taken  from