I had this look up on my Instagram feed a couple of days ago  – thought I’d do a quick post on it. It’s super easy and so pretty  in my humble opinion!  Purple and gold together – they can’t do no wrong, baby!

I used just 2 main colours from my Urban Decay Shadow Box for this look plus a matte brown ( Dance the Tides by NYX, which is an exact dupe for MAC Saddle) in the crease. IMO it’s the crease colour that really brings this look ( or any other  eyeshadow look involving 2 different colours really…) together.

Here we go :

These are the colours that I used and where I placed them:


Baked Cowboy, Smog and Sin also happen to be my favourites from the original UD palette, but I digress.

I patted these on wet for a change, because I read somewhere that these show up much better wet. It did help! Here’s a close up of the eye look:




I also looooooove that NYX soft brown as a crease colour. It’s always THERE and yet not in your face, when you use it. SO amazing to tie a look together..seriously do yourself a favour and buy it if you’re still looking for that perfect “blending colour”. This combo also reminds me of that super famous NARS duo Kauai  but see  – you can do this look with any shadows that you have lying around in colours that complement each other, and it’ll look just as pretty! Flash is just so super pretty though…if you like purples, you’ll love Flash!


And here’s a full face picture (staticy hair included :) ) so you can see what it looks like:


Like it ? Love it? Hate it? (dont know if we can be friends if you do but go on…lol).I kid I kid – I LOVE hearing different opinions!!

Well regardless, I hope you liked this quick , easy-peasy look that’s VERY summer friendly IMO :) Have a great week everyone!!

P.S: as usual, I’m on Instagram, Twitter and Bloglovin – see you at any or ALL of those places:)