IT Geek by Day , makeup geek by night  – Howdoesdeedoit is meant to chronicle my reviews on makeup /beauty products, provide fitness tips and just  another perspective on things. I always read as many reviews as possible on things before buying them and I find that that ONE extra opinion can sometimes make me decide one way or another. I think there’s no such thing as TOO many reviews! Have always loved makeup and I do believe makeup ARTISTS are rightfully called so because in my mind, putting on makeup  is no different than painting a beautiful picture.

On the fitness side of things, I love seeing what you can accomplish once you put your mind to it. I’ve competed at the provincial level in fitness competitions placing within top three in them and hope to compete nationally next year if everything goes well.  This, and having made a rather big lifestyle and diet change ( for the better) around six years ago now, I think make for some useful and interesting tips in this space. I should probably also mention that I’m married to one of the best trainers and athletes in this industry , world over. Yep lucky me:)

Another little tidbit about me : I’m a makeup nerd but I’m also a technology nerd. I’ve worn an Atari console down back in the day by playing it way too much and then actually continued to use the short circuited console whilst wearing gloves to protect myself!! My Masters thesis in computer science was on Elliptic Curve cryptography ( which I actually really enjoyed!) and with my full-time job being in IT for a firm on Wallstreet, I continue to love all things tech and geeky :)

I love meeting new bloggers via comments/email/what have you and  I love collaborating on new ideas with  other passionate individuals! Please feel free to reach out to me at anytime!

Deepika Satir - Model Series © 2013 Glen E. Grant

(P.S : That picture is meant to be funny – NO I do not really think I’m “all” that, and I definitely don’t take myself too seriously!)