Being of south Asian decent ( I’m Indian) , I have been plagued by under-eye circles for as long as I can remember. While they WORSEN with lack of sleep , dehydration and stress – no amount of rest and relaxation can really make them go away. I never did figure out how to cover them up until I used my first corrector which happened to be Maybelline’s yellow corrector stick.

Fast forward a decade and countless concealers, correctors and makeup tricks later, I finally have a way to get rid of them (well at least fake not having them!). For those of us that suffer from such dark, hereditary circles an under eye corrector is a MUST. No amount of concealer is going to let you look wide-eyed and bushy tailed:). I find cream correctors and liquid concealer work best together. My undertones are quite yellow and I find I can get away with either peach or yellow based correctors, but I find that the peach ones work much better for a brightening effect.

I usually pat the corrector on gently ( I prefer fingers for this rather than a brush), then brush the concealer on (I find that a flat foundation type brush actually works best for me for this step). Depending on how bad my circles are I might use a highlighter or another corrector on top to further help my case. The key is to use the tiniest amount possible in each of these layers – or else it’ll just be one cakey, obvious mess!

I’m going to let the pictures speak for themselves:

With just the corrector on under my right eye ( your left – my right!) :



With corrector + concealer on under my left eye, and my The Balm tinted moisturizer on my face (including under right eye):


With corrector + concealer on under both eyes:


With corrector+concealer+highlighter on under both eyes:

And this is with the rest of my make up on  – that’s Tinted Moisturizer by TheBalm, Gosh eyeliner pencil and lipstick (set with Nars Pressed Light Reflecting setting powder):


So there you have it – that’s how I do it! Once I set these with the setting powder (NARS light reflecting powder that I absolutely adore) it lasts all day! While I cycle through different products for concealing my circles, these are my preferred ones of the moment:

Products Used:

Corrector: Ben Nye Blue Neutralizer (current fav: Benefit’s Erase Paste)

Concealer: Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer in Shade Medium Deep

Highlighter: It Cosmetics concealer in Tan ( not technically a highlighter but this shade works as a highlighter for me)