I had first tried some  products from Essence while visiting my sis in LA a couple of years ago. I remember buying a really pretty lilac shade of nail polish which I was sure would be utter rubbish because it was really cheap, but it turned out to have a really great consistency! I don’t recall when exactly Essence entered the Canadian market but it wasn’t until a few years ago  that I actually saw it in a Shoppers Drug Mart here.


$2.99 CAN for 8 ml ( I realise now that it wasn’t AS cheap as I had imagined it to be because this is almost half the size of a Revlon nail polish, so it seems really cheap when you read $2.99, but its not that cheap when you realize how much product you actually get for that price!)



I like the Essence Nail Polish bottles – the base container is small and narrow and the brushes on the newer line are really good. The container holds 8ml of polish, which is actually great for me, because I never get through the larger sizes that are usually standard ( they are usually around 14 -15ml ).I actually even prefer their older size which almost looked like a sample size bottle,  because that may be the only bottle of nail polish  I’ve ever run through!




At first glance, it looks like its clear polish but if you compare it against bare nails it makes your nails looks much whiter , healthier and just so darn smooth! This reminded me of Barielle’s Natural Nail Camouflage , which I enjoy as well but I prefer this one because Barielle can make your nails look slightly yellow with two coats.




You can tell from the picture that it has a milky quality to it. The brush makes it really easy to apply and this goes on with NO streaking whatsoever. One coat makes your nails look shiny, two coats makes them look really healthy and three-four makes them look like gel nails.

My nails are far from smooth and I have many ridges on them because I have a really bad habit of picking at them , but they were completely masked with two coats of this:



This is with 3 coats:


So they weren’t lying when they said “Wow Perfect Finish” :)


Staying power

Most nail colours chip within the first 72 hours on me, and if they don’t chip  by then I start picking at them .So either way , that’s about how long they last. It’s been four days now and this has not budged – at all. And strangely I haven’d had the urge to pick at it..yet:)


Drying Time

This dried down in no time . A minute tops. And no smudging, smearing , fingerprints , sheetprints etc  after that.  I *HATE* having to wait for my polish to dry. I actually dislike manicures/pedicures for this reason. I just cannot sit there waiting for the polish to dry.So if you’re a fidget like me, this is great!


[usrlist Pigmentation:2 “staying_power:4”  texture:4 applicator:4 “drying_time:5″ avg=”true” ]




I don’t have a ton of colours from essence but the few that I have ( this one’s probably my third) have performed really well. If you’re looking for a polish that makes your nails look healthy and well maintained at a great price, Give me Nude is a really good option! Three coats of this gives your nails a gelnail -like appearance and makes a great base for a French manicure.