Bought this sometime in March but forgot to review it – oops:)

What is it?

In Hourglasss’s words:

Powders capture, diffuse and soften the way light is reflected on skin, “blah blah blah blah blah…”...micron-size spherical particles that refract light and create transparent coverage

All this to me reads as “this is a light diffusing soft focus powder”.



$52 CAD for 10 g of product





It’s a plastic case that has a chrome-like appearance. Wonderful for collecting fingerprints ! That stuff bugs me , but its a pretty case none the less.





It comes in 6 different shades (depending on the effect you want, the colour varies a bit) . This one here is Diffused Light and has a yellowish undertone and is supposed to make your skin look exactly like it would look in diffused lighting! Think …candlelight. It’s not highly pigmented and that’s the way its meant to be as it’s supposed to give a very subtle, but still there kind of effect. If you cake it on, it will look ashy but which powder wont? ( besides the NARS light reflecting pressed powder ofcourse!)



Sooooo finely milled. The softest fluffy powder brush picks this up without any issues and a super light dusting is all you need. If you swatch it really hard you’ll notice some ultra-fine shimmer but none of that shows up when you use it on your face.

In the pictures below you can see the before vs after ( sorry about the eyelash under my eye…didn’t really notice it until much later!) . This powder is very subtle and even more so in pictures . However in real life it does actually make your skin look “diffused”.

(click for larger image)

(click for larger image)


It takes the shine  away but doesn’t leave the skin looking flat.


Staying Power

Lasts around 5 hours before it gives in to the regular oilies that creeps in.



[usrlist Packaging:4 Pigmentation:3 Texture:4 staying_power:3 avg=”true” ]



I really need a rating meter I think, because while this is not a COMPLETE DEElight, it leans slightly more to that side..or does it??It may be time to bring out my Pros Vs Cons table!

It gives skin an airburshed, diffused lighting lookIt doesn’t replace my need for a setting powder
It counteracts redness and evens skin toneSo do many of my other powders
It makes skin look matte but not flatNo con to this one!
Very Finely milledNo con here either
.....Expensive for what it is

The bottom line is  – although  I can’t find anything very wrong with it and it does do what it claims, , I do think there are comparable drugstore powders that do a similar job. For me, the Physicians Formula – Retro Glow Illuminating Face Powder in Translucent used to do a stand up job of eliminating redness and making my skin look much brighter ( ofcourse like all good things it’s now discontinued). This one is more finely milled and better at correcting redness, but I’m not  100% sure yet if its worth the $52 price tag. I was hoping to be floored by this and go oooh aaah, which I’m not. Perhaps if I had large pore issues or something…. Anyway, even after all the comparisons, my verdict is :


I will update this rating if it changes with more use!