Ok  – so maybe these have been out for a while  –  I, however only spotted them recently at my local Loblaws ( funny name I know – but they’re a big Canadian food distribution company that own a ton of stores from drugstores to supermarkets). Joe Fresh is one of their brands that sells cosmetics, clothes and accessories. They also have stored in NY as I understand it ( as of 2011), so this isn’t JUST a CanaDEEan corner:)

All their makeup  is priced between 5 and 12 – 14$ . I’ve used  a few of their lipsticks and concealers in the past and found them to be quite good. I actually bought a back up of their concealer stick because I liked the consistency that much!

They seem to have a whole bunch of new things for this Spring,  but here’s some of the stuff I found interesting and picked up:



From L- R:

  • Concealer duo ($8 CAD): It’s very similar to what they used to have before, this one just looks slimmer. It has  cream and liquid formulas on either ends of the wand.  I used to really enjoy the creamy side as an undereye concealer.
  • Waterproof EyeShadow Stick ($7 CAD): This looks like a very pretty purple – haven’t “test worn” it yet, but claims to last  8 hours.
  • Nude lip liner pencil with a brush on one end ( $6 CAD): Claims to last for 7 hours. We’ll see!
  • Long wear liquid lipstick ( $8 CAD): I actually bought this one for my mom but tried it out to see what the formula was like. I was really pleasantly surprised, and may pick up some of the other shades that they have
  • Nail colour ( 4$ CAD each  or 3 for $10): Bought 3 of these because of the deal and this one is shade Aqua. The formula is really nice on this one and is wearing very well! I had this on  instagram earlier this week but its a great 3$ dupe for China Glaze’s For Audrey :

They claim it has a “new cap” but I didn’t really find it that different from the old one. I would have preferred a much thinner cap..could have held it much easier.

The common theme here seems to be their ” long wear claims ” on everything. I’ll see how that goes.

Anyhoo…that’s that. Given their low price point, I’ll review  them only if I find they perform exceptionally badly or exceptionally well! I do find their overall quality to be good in general so you should check it out if you’re interested!