The Revlon lip butters are right up there on my list of  favourite lip products. I’ll start this off with my seal of approval!:

deelight_pink_lips I see them go on sale pretty often these days (they are usually  $7.99 CAD, but I’ve been seeing them on sale for $4.99  these days ), which makes me wonder if they will be discontinued any time soon :( Either way, they are so good, that I recommend you grab some of them while you can! I’ve tried most of  the colours from this rangeThe texture is amazing across the board and for the price these are pretty hard to beat!

(All images in this post can be clicked to enlarge)

Here are my favourites :


They are (from L-R): Peach Parfait (025), Berry Smoothie (050) , Cherry Tart ( 070) , Lollipop(075) and Sweet Tart (090)

In the images below I’ve also tried to show how some of the shades can make the teeth  look much whiter ( like Lollipop)


Peach Parfait



Berry Smoothie




Cherry Tart


Sweet Tart




Lollipop and Cherry Tart  are the most pigmented of the lot, peach parfait the least. Peach Parfait  has the best texture however, and Berry Smoothie is the one that I myself have bought two backups of ( plus my sis recently sent me another one :) ). One that I have tried and did not like on myself was Cupcake..that shade of pink was just too cool and pastel on me, but apart from that I’ve enjoyed all the rest! On that note, hope you have a great weekend :)

Have you tried any of the lip butters? What do you think of them?