Highlighting and contouring has been all the rage for a while now,and “HAC” has become as common an abbreviation as “LOL” in the world of makeup. And…rightfully so, I think – because with the right “HAC”ing techniques, you can go  from flat nose to sharp nose, no jaw line to sharp jaw line , no cheekbones to super model cheek bones within minutes , and the possibilities are endless.

For casual makeup, contouring is probably the more commonly used of the two because…well most people can’t be bothered doing both, and contouring is what can make you look INSTANTLY slimmer. Just sweep some matte bronzer onto areas that you want to slim down ( example under your cheekbones, if you feel your face looks too full/round) and you can be done with just that step ,and it can make an incredible difference!  Add some highlighting in and you can make the effect even more pronounced and it does wonders to make you look awake and fresh.  For example:

beforeafterhacIt’s subtle but there, and can make a huge difference especially in photographs or when under bright lights.


HACing can be as subtle :



or as severe:



as needed!

For a quick evening out/ photo session/ “just want to look pretty day”  here’s  what I do for a super easy HACed look:


(can click to enlarge)


1. I just have my under eye concealer and a very light evening of skin tone using my Bobbi Brown Liquid foundation

2.  I used my Bahama Mama Bronzer to place a rather obvious layer of bronzer (for the purpose of this tutorial) under my cheekbones, and a lighter layer around my temples and outer most edges of  lower jawline.

3. Blended the harsh edges of the bronzer out with an angled fluffy brush.

4. Used  my L’OrealMagic Lumi Highlighting pen quite messily in areas as shown. For a casual look this does not have to be neatly applied AT ALL!

5. Blend the highlighter out with a brush/sponge/fingers. Still looks very pale, but I blended out so more after that.

6. Dusted my Nars translucent powder over everything to blend and set.


I’ll be doing a separate post/video tutorial on the more detailed HAC look which I did for my competitions. It has to look that severe close up, so that it looks just right when you’re under the super bright lights on stage!



Do you HAC ? Do you have any favorite products for this purpose? Do tell! :)