I’ve bought quite a few products from Coastal scents and like most of the things that I’ve tried. Their  Revealed palette is an awesome 20$ dupe for the  Urban Decay Naked palette  and their  ShadowWorx eye primer is really good too. Overall, I think their makeup products are OK (good value for your money), but some of their natural products are really worth writing about. Their  black soap  is one of my all time favourites and their unrefined Shea butter is very good as well. The black soap ( the plan /shea butter versions) look really weird…I remember someone asking me I had left a potato in my guest bathroom soap tray !! However they last for AGES and they were so good for my skin. 

Thought you might want to take advantage of this 1-week sale that they have going on  right now in honour of Earth Day ( which is on the 22nd of April).

Happy Friday everyone and hope you have a great weekend:)