I did this video a couple of days ago  – just on a whim to help someone out, but thought it might be useful for more people as well so I edited it and here it is now.

The “someone” that I did this for is Canada’s own Fabiola Boulanger – she is making her transformation from being Canada’s top female bodybuilding athlete to (fingers crossed Canada’s best )Physique athlete this year. Some info on the different categories of fitness classes for women in the world of bodybuilding here if you’re interested.

Stage lights for fitness competitions are VERY bright and they really wash you out, so you have to play up/exaggerate all your features so that it doesn’t looks “flat” on stage.  Use liner for your lips, highlight the top of your upper lip especially in your cupids bow and bottom of your lower lip as well.



Make sure your eye crease is defined and the brow well highlighted, and your contours and highlights should be pretty exaggerated



You’re going to think it looks pretty ridiculous up close! Like this….




like this…..



or like this as I had shown in my other HAC video06-20130901_174032

But only then will it look “normal” when you’re on stage:

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Keep everything matte but for a few key places which I mention in my video because anything shiny will translate to “oily” on stage. Stage lights also get  VERY hot so you need to also make your make-up melt-proof, because your day can be looooong!


On to the video:



Please note that I have not used colours as dark or with as heavy a hand as will be needed the day of the competition. The technique however stays the same. I started off with moisturizer ,primer and undereye concealer – steps that the video didn’t show. You can use a powder puff to set your powder instead of a brush (stays fresh longer) and you can play around with colours as needed. If you want a more indepth view of the eye makeup bits you can check out  this video .

These are the things that you’ll need:
For the face:

1. Longwear matte foundation in a shade about 2-3 shades lighter than the spray tan on your body. I like MAC’s prolongwear foundation .Revlon’s colorstay foundation is a good budget option but their colour selection is limited in Canada. I’ll refer to this as your”base” shade.
2. Matte foundation/concealer 2-3 shades DARKER than base shade to be used for your contour areas – can be cream or liquid. You can get really generous sized samples from Camera Ready Cosmetics for around 2$ – they last for ages and are specifically for stage makeup – I highly recommend Ben Nye there.
3. Matte foundation/concealer 2-3 shades lighter than your base shade – to be used for your highlight areas. Can use a highlighting pen like the Maybelline or Loreal ones or even the Garnier roll on – just make sure they’re totally matte.
4.A translucent loose powder ( I love the Vichy Derma blend but many companies have these), a darker powder for your contour ( can use a matte bronzer like the Balms Bahama Mama bronzer or an NYC matte bronzer as a budget option), a lighter powder for your highlight (any matte powder few shadeslighter than your base shade will do. Maybelline’s Dream Matte powder is a good budget option)
5.A blush thats on the brighter side (something that’s in the peachy pink family will generally suit most skintones)
6. a slightly shimmery highlighter (eg: Bare minerals highlighting powder or Wet & Wild higlighter trio for a budget option)
7. A primer and good moisturizer ( lots of high end and drugstore options – pick anything you like)
8. Under eye corrector-optional , but brightens up the eye area really well if you have dark circles (I like Benefits Erase Paste but you can also get the Graftobian or Ben Nye Correctors from camerareadycosmetics.com) and concealer (not too light – it’ll make your under eye circles -if you have any ,look gray)

For the eyes:
1. Shimmery pencil ( like NYX pencil in yogurt)
2. Matte Eyeshadows in light,med and dark shades. Try to keep them in the same family( eg all shades of purple, all shades of brown etc)
3. A shimmery colour for the shadows in very light pink or beige/champagne
4. Liquid Eyeliner or gel eyeliner that won’t smudge and is waterproof – dark colours like very dark brown, dark purple or black ( if you have dark eyes)
5. False eyelashes ( optional but gives a completely diffenret effect if used)
6. Lash curler
7. A lengthening Mascara ( like Maybelline Illegal Lengths) and a thickening mascara(tons of drugstore options for this) – make sure they are waterproof
8. A base for the shadows ( like Mac’s paint pot or LAGirl pro primer for a budget option)

For the brushes/tools:
For the face:
1. A couple of clean makeup wedges
2. A dense makeup brush for foundation ( optional – can use the wedges too)
3. medium – Large fluffy blush to blend
4.Medium – Large Powder puff to press in the setting powders – lasts longer than using a powder brush

For the eyes:
1. Flat dense brush for the base colour of eyeshadow
2.Wider brush to apply the highlight
3. Dome brush for the crease
4. Pointy/tapered brush for the outer V
5. Fluffy dome brush for blending ( the BHCosmetics one is a great budget option – their brushes are really good in genera for the price – you can get a full set for $25)

Yes you do need quite a few things, but …there you have it!

I didn’t really have time to practise stage makeup before my first competition  but I wrote the instructions down and it turned out pretty nice and the 2nd time it was much easier. I hope you found this helpful!

Good luck to Fabiola in her upcoming competitions at the NY Pro and Toronto Pro (May & June this year)!

(P.S: If I look angry in the pictures above I may have been hungry lol)



Happy to report that Fabiola did wonderfully well in her first ever pro debut and placed third in a very tough line up of competitors. She did her own make-up for the competition   based on this tutorial and looked nothing short of AMAZING ( not just because of the makeup but …I mean look at her!!) :). Congratulations!!



And here too: