My vacation seems so long ago now, but I had an amazing time and L.A is definitely the land of Sun, Sand & Sephoras!! I picked up a couple of goodies and will probably review them over time, but to get out of my vacation rut, here’s the first one on Buxom’s eyeshadow in Golden Retriever.


18$ USD for 0.12 oz of product



The packaging is different on this one and in a really cute way! To start with , I noticed that all the names in this line are names of breeds of dogs like Golden Retriever,  Cocker Spaniel, Pug etc. The case has a false bottom with the words” Touch it. Pet It. LOVE IT” , and the pot of eyeshadow sits under that.

I also loved the cute little write up inside like so:




Its highly pigmented and on the shimmery side. Nothing over the top though, so you can wear it fearlessly as daytime shadow too.



Has a very smooth, buttery gel -like texture that  almost feels cool to the touch for some reason!Feels very cushiony and spongy. Buxom describes it as PLUSH and BOUNCY and that sounds about right ! Makes application a breeze because you don’t need a brush to apply it and you almost don’t even need to look in the mirror long as you know where your eyelids are:) !

Staying Power


(wearing a very light layer of this on my eyelids)

I tested this on two occasions in hot , sunny L.A and it lasted all day on me without any  issues. 



[usrlist Packaging:4 Pigmentation:5 Texture:5 staying_power:5 avg=”true” ]


This was one of my first “Sephora makeup” purchases from my vacation and I love it! Such an easy colour to pair with anything really. I think it would look amazing on anyone but would particularly complement brown /blue eyes .

its_a_deelight_transparent_fullI’ve never really bought anything BECAUSE of the name but I have to admit that did play a role as well when I bought this initially! I absolutely adore Golden Retrievers( and Spaniels too). Checkout my nephews – Xander and Maximus. They’re just the cutest cuddle monsters! :)


 On that note, I hope you enjoy the rest of your week :) And if you’ve bought any goodies over the last week, feel free to share!